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Archer-Mage Dragon's Dogma 2: How to unlock this hybrid class?

 Do you want to go the Archer-Mage path in Dragon's Dogma 2, but you don't know how to unlock this class? In this article, we explain how to learn it!

Archer-Mage Dragon's Dogma 2: How to unlock this hybrid class?

How to unlock the Archer-Mage class in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Make no mistake, it is not in the Village of the Holy Sylve that you will be able to learn the Archer-Mage class. Indeed, although this village seems to "breathe" the Archer-Mage, it is not with the elves of Vermund that you will unlock this class. To learn it, you will have to go to Battahl, the desert region of Dragon's Dogma II.

Unlike the Knight-Mage or the Illusionist, the means of obtaining it is a little more complex, but above all very hidden. You will have to complete a seemingly innocuous quest to unlock this specialization.

So, go to the very south of the Battahl region and cross the Drabnir Cave to reach the volcanic Island of Agamen. At the exit of the cave, you will cross paths with Gautstafr, a dwarf who complains of back pain.

By talking to him, you will obtain the quest “Source of comfort” which will allow you to obtain the Archer-Mage class.

Source of comfort... How to complete this quest?

First, Gautstafr will ask you for wild plants to relieve his poor back. So, go pick some herbs or give him those you already have in your inventory.

The old man will thank you for your action and promise you a reward on condition that you go to his house. Although the area is small, one can quickly get confused and head towards the Volcano Island Camp, except that its house is much closer than you think. All you have to do is take the small path to the west, which leads to a small isolated island.

When you arrive there, you will be forced to witness a domestic scene. Wait a little while for tensions to ease, then enter the house to speak with Gautstafr. He will talk about a thermal area, so offer to escort him there to continue the quest.

The path to the hot springs at Volcanic Island Camp is dangerous; many Hobgoblins will stand in your way and a potential detour could lead you to elite opponents. And if that wasn't enough, Gautstafr is slow and will repeatedly ask you to take a break, so you'll be forced to walk.

To avoid any complications, take the time to camp to travel early in the morning, then carry the old man in your arms. Build a small team of pawns who are capable of handling delicate situations by enlisting a Mage specialized in defensive spells, as well as a Warrior to attract opponents towards him. To put it simply: do everything to protect Gautstafr.

  • Gautstafr's death can jeopardize obtaining the Archer-Mage class, so protect him as fiercely as possible!

Finally unlock the Archer-Mage class!

Once you arrive at the camp, climb the ladders of the large scaffolding located to the south then take the dwarf to the hot spring ticket office. As he goes to relax his back, his wife will appear out of nowhere to thank you and teach you the arts of the Archer-Mages.

Best of all, it will give you the secret skill of this class. Escorting Gautstafr was not the easiest to do, but the reward is well worth the detour!