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Automaton Helldivers 2: How to survive planets invaded by robots?

 In Helldivers 2, you can play against the Terminides or against the Automatons. If the first are already quite difficult to beat, the second can actually cause you some post-traumatic syndromes. We explain to you how to survive in Automaton territory.

Automaton Helldivers 2: How to survive planets invaded by robots?

How to succeed in liberating the planets invaded by the Automatons?

If you joined the hundreds of thousands of players on Helldivers II , you surely began your mission to defend democracy by focusing on the planets invaded by the Terminids. Whether to try something else or to respond to orders from Super-Earth, you may also have tried to go up against the Automatons . If so, you probably faced such heavy firepower that you still have nightmares about it. It's simple, if the Terminides quickly give the impression of being in Starship Troopers, the Automatons will plunge you directly into a mix between the Vietnam War and Terminator. But then, how can we resist them?

The first thing to know about Automatons is that they are generally better armored than Terminides . Before tackling them, we therefore advise you to level up a little to unlock better stratagems, and more particularly some resupply stratagems like the AC-8 Automatic Cannon , the GR-8 Recoilless Rifle or especially the RS- 422 Electromagnetic rifle . The latter is absolutely exceptional against any Automaton, but unfortunately you will have to wait until level 20 before you can unlock it. Note that electric weapons are also very strong against robots. We think, for example, of the Tesla Tower which can wreak havoc if it is well placed. But if there are two stratagems that will save your life against automatons, they are the Shield Generator Relay and the Shield Generator . The second can only be unlocked at high level, but the first is available quite quickly. Both allow you to deploy a shield that will hold back enemy blows and allow you to shoot through them, a true sanctuary in the middle of the battlefield.

Concerning the progress of your missions, we advise you to take the time to complete the secondary objectives to make your life easier. Indeed, unlike the Terminides whose strength relies mainly on the adversaries themselves, the Automatons have many advantages which will put obstacles in your way. We are thinking in particular of the terrible detection towers which will send you dozens of troop ships if they spot you. Similar to the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, you will recognize them thanks to the enormous red scanner which sweeps the terrain 360° like a gloomy beacon. If you see one, rush into it to eliminate it using an atomic bomb. Other secondary objectives are also priorities to eliminate, such as mortar towers or jammers that prevent you from using your stratagems. Rather than rushing towards your main objectives, take the time to eliminate this type of structure.

How to succeed in defense campaigns against the Automatons?

For several days now, it has been possible to participate in planetary defenses in Helldivers II. Indeed, while the game only allowed attack operations since its release, the Automatons recently decided to counterattack and invade planets previously captured by Super-Earth. On these, you will now be able to see a countdown and two gauges (one blue and one red). To win the defense operation, you will need to ensure that the blue bar is filled before time runs out . If you succeed (with the help of the entire gaming community of course), you will complete a defense campaign and maintain control of the planet. This is also how the objective of the week can move forward. In other words, the objective of the week can only be achieved if all players manage to complete the total defense of 8 different planets.

However, you will surely have noticed that defense missions are much more difficult than attack missions. Indeed, even if they have recently been revised downwards, defense missions often require you to survive against waves of enemies that are much more numerous and, above all, much more powerful than those you can encounter in attack missions. . Firstly, we advise you not to hesitate to lower your usual level of difficulty to complete planetary defense missions. Second, note that the playing field is generally much narrower. We therefore advise you to take as many defensive stratagems as possible such as sentries or locations . This way you will have much better firepower than with some offensive stratagems that take too long to recharge.