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Blazamut Palworld: Dungeon entry, capture, reproduction... How to obtain this Pal?

 Do you want to face Blazamut at the Black Volcano, but you can't reach the entrance to his arena? In this Palworld article, we explain how to encounter it, but also how to obtain it in the wild!

Blazamut in Palworld

Legend has it that it was born from the eruption of a volcano. A mysterious group once claimed that this land was none other than the back of a giant Blazamut.

Blazamut in Palworld

  • Type : Fire
  • Partner Skills : Magmatic Emperor - Fire-type attacks are boosted when mounted
  • Work capacity : Fire starting lv.3 and Extraction lv.4
  • Dropped Objects : Coal and Ignition Organ
  • Encounter Level : 49 at Black Volcano

There is no point in going up Blazamut to take a leisurely stroll through Palpagos. On the other hand, it is in your best interest to mount it for combat. This Fire-type Pal is considered to be one of the best Pals in its category, so if you have difficulty defeating Lily and Lyleen, you can easily eliminate them with it!

  • If you want to improve his overall power and his partner skill, you should not hesitate to give him Pals souls at the Statue of Power or to make him “eat” other Blazamut in the Enrichment Capsule.

How to enter Blazamut Arena?

You can encounter Blazamut in his Alpha form in the Black Volcano arena. Like Astegon, you will have to find a small cavity to reach the arena of this Pal. The latter is located north of the Blazamut icon, at the foot of the cliff, on the lava which has solidified.

The entrance is easily noticeable, as wooden fixtures are located right in front of the cave entrance. By sneaking into the cavity, then going into the corridor, you will be able to see it spinning in the arena. Luckily, he's not aggressive, so you can turn back if you don't think you can confront him!

How to beat Blazamut alpha?

Blazamut is a high-level Fire-type Pal. Thus, it will be important to engage in combat against him with Water-type Pals at your side . To survive, we strongly advise against having Grass and Ice type Pals in your team.

When it comes to Pals, we advise you to go into battle with Relaxaurus , Azurobe or even Jormuntide .

  • Strengthen your Water-type attacks with help from Kelpsea. Include him in your team and your Water-type Pals will benefit from an increase in attacks of the same type!

How to get Blazamut with breeding?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to experience Blazamut with reproduction. The only combinations available require a Blazamut, so you'll have to rely on capturing the alpha Blazamut or any Blazamut in the wild to obtain it. Otherwise, here are the two recipes that allow you to produce an egg that contains a Blazamut.

  • Blazamut + Suzaku Aqua
  • Blazamut + Blazamut

At the Ranch, put a Suzaku Aqua and a Jormuntide to get a Suzaku Aqua Egg.

How to capture Blazamut in the wild?

Blazamut can be found, day or night, in the protected wilderness area north of the Dry Dunes. This area is protected by the area's militia, which is why you will have to exercise great discretion to avoid getting caught by them.

Additionally, Blazamut has a relatively low spawn rate. It is then advisable to eliminate or capture the Pals in the area to refresh the appearances and thus increase your chances of finding it. For the capture, you will have to use Legendary Spheres, otherwise the capture rate will be much too low to catch it easily.

If, however, you believe that the capture rate remains much too low to successfully capture it, we invite you to improve your chance of capture from the power statue by using Lifmunk statues. They can be found all over Palpagos, so climb on a flying mount, then go looking for small green statues. Note that they are easier to discern at night, so do this expedition after dark!