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Bosses, banners, public order... How does enemy respawn work in Rise of the Ronin?

 That's it, Rise of the Ronin is finally available and you will be able to embark on the adventure and face numerous enemies who may or may not reappear depending on several conditions. We invite you to discover them in more detail in this article.

Banner and enemy respawns

Let's start by telling you that overall, Rise of the Ronin will adopt something fairly classic in its operation in terms of respawn. At least, something classic when it comes to Souls-like games.

Indeed, you will have various save points that will allow you to teleport, but also to heal you, the banners. When you use them, you certainly regain your life, but the enemies you defeated will then reappear in the game.

Banner and enemy respawns

Well, this is not the case for all enemies. To fully understand this, you will have to pay attention to the icons above their heads. If you have a group of enemies with a single down arrow, you can be sure that they will respawn.

However, there are several cases where enemies will not return, even after using a banner. The first is when in the group of enemies there is a leader that you can recognize by his icon with two downward arrows, the second of which is thicker.

Public Order and Fugitive Hunt missions in Rise of the Ronin

Other cases will often concern side missions in the game and in particular Public Order and fugitive hunting missions. If we're talking to you about it together, it's for a very simple reason, it happens quite often that fugitives hide in groups of enemies on Public Order missions.

So let's start with the latter which are indicated by a red dot on your map. Once you are there, eliminate the group of enemies which is made up of basic opponents, but also more complicated ones to defeat (this is where it can be a fugitive).

Once you have managed to defeat all these beautiful people, you will often unlock a banner allowing you to teleport to this location later. When you use it, enemies will not reappear and instead, NPCs will show up.

You will have liberated this area and the inhabitants will return there and sometimes this will allow you to have access to certain businesses. These are therefore missions that will be quite important to complete, because they will also increase your popularity in the region.

As for tracking down fugitives outside of Public Order missions, you only have to eliminate the enemy marked by the following icon "=" . Besides, when you approach it, it will also hold it above its head. Once this is done, the secondary mission is validated and even when you use a banner the fugitive does not reappear.