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Broncherry Aqua Palworld: Dungeon entrance, reproduction... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Broncherry Aqua in Palworld, but you don't know how to enter its dungeon, nor how to approach it in combat? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Broncherry Aqua in Palworld

Their body odor changes dramatically before and after mating. The scents given off before having found a partner are called “chastity perfume”.

Broncherry Aqua in Palworld

  • Type: Grass / Water
  • Partner Skills: Excessive Love - Carry the player's belongings while on the team to increase their max weight
  • Working capacity: Watering level 3
  • Dropped Items: Broncherry Meat and Lettuce Seeds
  • Encounter level: 30

To gain even more space in your inventory, it will be important to improve Broncherry Aqua's partner skill. To do this, you will need to create an Enrichment Capsule for Pal. To successfully enrich, you will need 5 Broncherry Aqua: 1 main Broncherry Aqua and 4 other Broncherry Aqua which will be “eaten” by the main Broncherry Aqua. By making this upgrade, the partner skill “Excessive Love” will be able to rise to level 2. To continue upgrading Broncherry Aqua, you will need 13 more Broncherry Aqua.

Enriching or improving the statistics of your Pal does not modify the work capacity: it is used exclusively for the skill that you activate manually while having the Pal at your side.

To increase Broncherry Aqua's movement speed, it is best to have the “Course” trait. So, try to capture as many as possible until you obtain this trait which allows you to have a 20% increase in movement speed.

How to get Broncherry Aqua with breeding?

If you do not want to have the alpha version of Broncherry Aqua, you can very well use the reproduction to obtain it. By putting a Broncherry and a Fuack in the Ranch, you will be able to obtain a huge leafy egg which will give an Aqua Broncherry after hatching!

Where to find the entrance to the Broncherry Aqua arena?

Broncherry Aqua can be found in an arena located in Bamboo Valley. The entrance is from the small lake which is located to the east of its position. Going towards the largest part of the swamp, you will be able to see at the end a cavity into which to rush: this is the entrance to the Broncherry Aqua arena.

How to beat Broncherry Aqua?

Broncherry Aqua is a Grass and Water type Pal, so you will need to have Electric-type Pals in your team to defeat him more easily. Fire Pals could have been a good idea, but since Broncherry Aqua benefits from the Electric and Water dual-types, your Fire Pals will be harmed during the fight. We advise you to have Grizzbolt or Relaxaurus Lux in your team. They are perfect Pals for this fight, so don't hesitate to upgrade them to start the fight against Broncherry Aqua.

The Broncherry Aqua cannot be obtained other than in its arena, so prepare your Tera Spheres and your capture chances to catch it!