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Bug CE-117773-6 PS5 games deleted, how to solve the problem?

 Some PS5 players are experiencing error code CE-117773-6 that deletes their games. Can we tell you how to resolve the problem?

The Playstation 5 and its online services like PlayStation Plus will sometimes have some problems operating and when this happens, an error message will appear on the screen, allowing you to find a solution.

Among the error codes encountered by players, we find one which concerns the code CE-117773-6. As a few people on Reddit have reported, this bug would delete any digital games they have, so we'll tell you what you can do if you get this error message.

How to fix error code CE-117773-6 on PS5?

If, like some users, you encounter error code CE-117773-6 and part of your library has been locked and you no longer have access to your games, well, don't panic, the problem is known and PlayStation is working to resolve it.

As explained by several people on the PlayStation Reddit, this bug would be due to the fact that their PlayStation Plus subscription had expired and this resulted in a loss of all their games in digital version, even titles that were recovered in outside of games offered in the PlayStation subscription.

How to fix error code CE-117773-6 on PS5

To resolve it, there is no solution at the moment, since PlayStation technicians are trying to resolve it, but if you clicked on the "Restore your games" message and as a result lost the access to your games, you can send a message directly to PlayStation support.

Bug CE-117773-6 PS5 games deleted, how to solve the problem?

As reported by several players who encountered the issue, Sony was quite responsive and quickly restored access to games that should not have been blocked.