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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: What are the right settings to increase the game's FPS and performance?

 That's it, after a wait which was finally quite long, it is finally possible to launch into Warzone Mobile since last week. The problem is that the game may have a little trouble running on your laptop. We will guide you to try to resolve the problem.

Choosing optimized graphics: the right compromise between beauty and efficiency

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has been available for a few days (March 21, 2024 precisely) and for some players, it's been a bit of a cold shower. Indeed, the game was highly anticipated, but your laptop may be too old.

From then on, we end up with mediocre performance and it can even become completely unplayable. By the way, be aware that the game loads the textures while you play, so if in the first seconds, the graphics are not up to par, this is "normal".

The graphics, in fact, will be the first avenue that we will advise you to investigate if you ever want to see more FPS on Warzone Mobile. To do this, click on the toothed wheel located at the top right of your screen to open the settings.

There, you will have the visual settings that will interest us. The first is visual quality. If you are on High, switch it to Medium. The other important setting is performance optimization. In Battery mode, performance is limited to reduce consumption. Switch to the Frame Rate setting instead.

Other tips for increasing your FPS on Warzone Mobile

The last trick to do in-game is simply to touch the last graphics setting, that of the field of vision! Basically, the latter is 81, and the more you widen it, the more you will have a field of vision that will be... wide. But also, the more you get into performance.

One of the ways to increase your FPS on Warzone Mobile is to reduce your field of vision, but be careful! If you do it too much, you won't see much and you will have a clear disadvantage over your opponents. This is therefore a setting to be modified sparingly.

Other tips for increasing your FPS on Warzone Mobile

Another problem that can cause performance issues on your mobile: is multitasking. To guarantee maximum power and therefore increase your FPS, it is better to turn off your other applications before launching Warzone Mobile.

Finally, also remember to always check that you are playing in an environment with a stable internet connection. If this is not the case, you shouldn't have too many FPS problems, but you will have some pretty annoying lags that could ruin your game.