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Capybara Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to tame this creature on the Island of Eternity?

 In the Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC, A Rift in Time, you can unlock biomes with little critters that you can tame. If you like the capybaras of the Wild Meanders, you will have to do a little gardening before approaching them. Find out how to tame this creature right here!

The different types of capybaras

The different types of capybaras

The story of the Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC begins at Ancient Port, but be aware that you will need to visit other biomes to follow the narrative of the A Rift in Time expansion pass. These new areas contain resources of their own, such as plants, minerals, and items lost in time that you will use to cook and craft items. You will also be able to meet different critters depending on where you are, such as the monkeys of the Ancient Port who will be the first animals to welcome you, but also capybaras that you can find in the Wild Meanders. There are 6 types of capybaras currently, but only 5 of them can be encountered in-game, the sixth being a gift for people who purchased Disney Dreamlight Valley when it was still available anticipated. Each type of capybara spawns in a different area of ​​the jungle, and you can check out their availability below:

The different types of capybaras

How to tame a capybara?

Once you have unlocked the Wild Meanders, you will be able to come across the different capybaras listed above. The first thing to do to approach them is to bring their favorite food: cabbage. All capuybaras love cabbage, so you will only need this ingredient to tame them, no matter their color. You can buy cabbage seeds at the Wild Meanders Goofy stand. If you don't have cabbage on hand, capybaras also eat bamboo. You will find them on the ground in different areas of the Wild Meanders.

Once you have harvested what you need, just be near the capybaras to interact with them. Unlike cobras which must be approached delicately, you can tame them quickly by following the instructions below:

  • Approach the capybara to interact with it
  • Give him some cabbage

Once this is done, the capybara will give you a gift. Most often he will give you a Dream Shard, but he can occasionally give you a souvenir if you give him his favorite food. If you want to make the capybara your companion, you will need to feed it several times to unlock it, then assign it to your character from the Companion tab of the Wardrobe menu.