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Chocobo races in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and how to win them

 These are all the Gold Saucer chocobo races that you can participate in in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Discover the secrets of each track and face the legendary runner.

Chocobo racing is one of the many minigames in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth . In this case, we find one of the Gold Saucer entertainments . Here you can test your chocobos in races in which you can get new parts, exclusive objects and Gold Points.

To participate, you simply have to go to the Gold Saucer Chocobo Plaza after completing the Chocobo Cup as part of the story. Here you will find all the information to complete each of the races in the game.

What are the best parts for the chocobo?

Before each race, you will have to choose the parts for your chocobo. These are the same pieces that you can get . Each of them has a series of characteristics and skills that you can check by selecting them in the career menu.

At the bottom left you can see what the special ability of the piece you have equipped consists of. At the bottom right you will see the general attributes of your chocobo. Each attribute does something different:

  • Speed: maximum speed you can reach.
  • Acceleration: how long it takes to gain speed.
  • Weight: the higher the weight, the less you will be destabilized by crashing, but you will also fly less when jumping.
  • Maneuverability: ease of taking curves.
  • Stability: you avoid slipping.
  • Intelligence: Chocobo's ability is better.

With this in mind, the obvious thing is that you want everything at the maximum except Weight , which you will need to be greater or less depending on the characteristics of the race. That is why there is no set that is better than the others , but rather we will indicate the best ones for each race.

What are chocobo races?

First of all, when you are running your main objective (aside from being in the lead, obviously), will be to collect the blue balloons. These balloons allow you to increase the speed to the maximum that your chocobo can reach.

What are chocobo races

Next we have the red balloons, which charge up your chocobo's skill bar . Depending on which one you carry, the ability will be one or the other. When it is charged, you can activate it by pressing the L1 button.

What are chocobo races

The last type of balloon is the yellow balloon, which gives you Gallops that allow you to launch a punctual sprint and are activated with R1.

What are chocobo races

In addition to the balloons, there will be acceleration plates on the ground, which when you step on them give you a temporary extra boost.

What are chocobo races

Aside from this... well, you have to learn to make a fast exit (holding the But this is something that is only learned with practice.

Level and category


On the one hand you have your racing level . This is a level that increases as you complete the objectives of each level . Each level has its own races.

  • Basic level: initial level.
  • Advanced: Advance to Silver Tier and reach Chapter 12 .
  • Gold Cup: Advance to gold status and reach Chapter 12 .

rider category

The other level is your rider category. Although the thing is separate, it is actually quite similar, only to raise the level you will not need

Newbie: initial category.
Bronze category: win 2 different new races.
Silver Category: Win 3 different bronze races.
Gold Category: Win 3 different silver races.
Master Category: Win 3 different gold races.

Below you can see all the races in which you can participate in the Gold saucer, in Plaza Chocobo. The first is mandatory as part of the story, but the others are totally optional. You will be able to participate in the highest level races by winning those at the lower levels. Keep in mind that you must progress through the story to unlock more races in the menu, whether you have completed all the previous ones or not.

Entry level careers

These are the nine basic level races (10 including the story race) that you can complete from the first time you can access the races.

chocobo cup

For this race, which you will have to complete during Chapter 8 , we have worn the Mercenary Cap, the Outlaw Poncho and the Mercenary Shin Guards .

Ruby Cup

  • Category: Novel.
  • Awards:
    • Potion x3, Gold Point x50 (first time)
    • Golden point x20, x15 or x10 if you come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
For this race, we have run Belén with the Outlaw Hat, the Outlaw Poncho, and the Outlaw Boots . Maximum speed for a very easy race. It is the same route as in the Chocobo Cup .

Moogle Cup

  • Category: Novel.
  • Awards:
    • Potion x5, Gold Point x50 (first time).
    • Golden point x25, x20 or x15 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
In this case, we go with Piko with the Outlaw Hat, Gi Toga and Outlaw Boots . The truth is that it is still a very easy race and one with which you will have no problems. Don't worry about the conveyor belt warning.

Cactyl Cup

  • Category: Novel.
  • Awards:
    • Ultra Potion x3, Gold Point x60 (first time).
    • Golden point x30, x25 or x20 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
We're going to keep Piko's setup from the previous race. When you see the rotating platforms , you have to take the first one on the left and the second one on the right to avoid losing speed. In the water, it should be enough to go straight and grab the golden balloon for a gallop without losing much speed.

Bom Cup

  • Category: Bronze.
  • Awards:
    • Ultra Potion x5, Gold Point x60 (first time).
    • Golden point x35, x30 or x25 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
We continue with the same Piko configuration. In this race there are many curves and Bom balloons that will make you lose speed if you crash into them. Otherwise, in the water area, you can go left to take a shortcut that could save you seconds, although you can ignore it.

Molbol Cup

  • Category: Bronze.
  • Awards:
    • Omnipotion x3, Gold Point x70 (first time).
    • Golden point x40, x35 or x30 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Piko with the Outlaw Hat, Gi Robe, and Outlaw Boots once again. In this case, the threat is water bouncers. Go directly along the right side to shorten the distance as much as possible with the dirt area and make sure you use the initial platforms well to gain extra speed.

Tomberi Cup

  • Category: Bronze.
  • Awards:
    • Omnipotion x5, Gold Point x80 (first time).
    • Golden point x45, x40 or x35 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
We keep the Piko configuration, of course. In this circuit, the most important thing is to take the shortcut from the first jump, turning right as soon as you get up. This way you can compensate for a big mess in the cactilio doors (they always change when you get closer, so try to go to one that, being far away, is closed).

Bengal Cup

  • Category: Bronze.
  • Awards:
    • Schoolboy cap x1, Gold point x90 (first time).
    • Golden point x50, x45 or x40 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
We keep Piko with the same pieces. In this race you must master the skids and, above all, take advantage of the shortcut after the first flares . When you have to jump, go straight , passing over the chasm. You should be able to make it all the way to the bend, well ahead of the rest of the group without any problems. Pay attention to the acceleration slope after the second flares .

Behemoth Cup

  • Category: Silver.
  • Awards:
    • Schoolboy Vest x1, Gold Point x120 (first time).
    • Golden point x55, x50 or x45 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Equip Piko with the Schoolboy Cap , Gi Robe , and Outlaw Boots . You will lose a little speed, but you will gain Acceleration and Maneuverability, essential for this route full of curves . If you master drifting, you can screw up several times without consequences , as you can see in the video.

Artema Cup

  • Category: Silver.
  • Awards:
    • School tights x1, Gold point x130 (first time).
    • Golden point x60, x55 or x50 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Equip Piko with the Schoolboy Cap, Schoolboy Vest, and Outlaw Boots . You gain some of the speed you lost in the previous configuration and lose Acceleration , but you will get a higher overall for a corner and short circuit race .

In this race you have all the previous obstacles . Remember that with the chocoborush you will not lose speed when colliding with the Boms, for example. The key is in the jump , it is the same as that of the Tomberi Cup and will allow you to shorten distances and gain an indecent advantage.

Advanced level courses

These are the ten advanced level races that you will be able to complete once you reach the silver category and have reached Chapter 12 .

Ifrit Cup

  • Category: Silver.
  • Awards:
    • Ether x1, Gold Point x140 (first time).
    • Golden point x70, x55 or x40 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
For this race we took Selena with the complete mystical outfit . At first it will take her a while to pick up speed, but as soon as you reach 10, you will mark a lot of distance from your rivals. Be careful with the bouncing mushrooms because that is where you can lose positions, if you go for the ones on the right you should arrive without problems.

Shiva Cup

  • Category: Silver.
  • Awards:
    • Ultra Aether x1, Gold Point x150 (first time).
    • Golden point x75, x60 or x45 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Use the same setup as for the previous one , Selena with the full mystical outfit. In this race you must be careful with the cactus doors and the Bom balloons . But the truth is, as you can see in the video, even if you make a LOT of mistakes, the speed of your chocobo can more than compensate for several crashes.

Leviathan Cup

  • Category: Gold.
  • Awards:
    • Dry Ether x1, Gold Point x190 (first time).
    • Golden point x95, x75 or x55 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Selena with the mystical outfit is still your winning horse. Chocobo, maybe. In this race there are two fundamental things to win . Well, three thinking about the obstacles in the water area, but wow. The first thing is that when you get to the bouncers, use the one on the right . It will allow you to grab a bunch of blue balloons to gain speed. The second is that, after that, you will reach a part with two "bridges" with blue balloons . Two curves later you will see a speed plate, to the right there is a shortcut

Lamu Cup

  • Category: Gold.
  • Awards:
    • Turboether x1, Gold Point x200 (first time).
    • Gold point x100, x80 or x60 if you come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
With Selena and the mystical group and learn the circuit . The main problem with this race is that, although they say it is a speed race, it is actually an obstacle course . Be very careful with the bengals after the moving boxes, you are so careful not to collide with them that you will eat the rotating bug. The tight curves don't help either, try to take quick glances to anticipate the curves or hire Carlos Sainz's co-driver to mark them.

Titan Cup

  • Category: Gold.
  • Awards:
    • Hermes sandals x1, Gold point x210 (first time).
    • Gold point x105, x85 or x65 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Selena and the mystical ensemble back in action. Compared to previous races, it's easy as long as you don't eat a bengal . Pay attention to the section of slowing platforms, right after you have a bouncer that allows you to ignore the last flare of each lap, take a gallop and also gain an advantage over the enemy, who will go slower.

Kjata Cup

  • Category: Gold.
  • Awards:
    • Jet Orb x3, Gold Point x220 (first time).
    • Gold point x110, x90 or x70 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Returns with Selena's mystical set configuration . This time the race is quite complicated . As soon as you start you can fall off the edge in the second curve, the cacti have a strange rhythm... however, don't worry about screwing up , because in the jump current you can take the lead . In reality the circuit is very similar to the tomberi. Always try to reserve a gallop in case you hit a cactilio gate and it will be possible to get a LOT ahead on the shortcut.

Odin Cup

  • Category: Teacher.
  • Awards:
    • Hyperion Helmet x1, Gold Point x260 (first time).
    • Gold point x130, x105 or x80 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Another race for Selena and the mystical ensemble. This race has two key moments. The first is in the area of ​​the first flares: you have to catch the air currents no matter what. The second point is right when you enter the tunnel after the third jump: do not brake or skid, simply lift your finger off the accelerator to take the first left and immediately skid to the right.

Alexander Cup

  • Category: Teacher.
  • Awards:
    • Hyperion Breastplate x1, Gold Point x270 (first time).
    • Gold point x135, x110 or x85 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Continue with the mystical set and Selena . This race is a pure question of skill and anticipating the cactilio doors . Also, when jumping, turn right when you pass the fence to close the distance and throw a water bubble as soon as someone passes you.

Phoenix Cup

  • Category: Teacher.
  • Awards:
    • Hyperion's Greaves x1, Gold Point x280 (first time).
    • Gold point x140, x115 or x90 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
For this race, equip Selene with Hyperion's helmet and breastplate, as well as the mystical greaves. The race is a joke, honestly. Take advantage of the shortcut that the air currents give you to shorten the distance and you will see that there is no mystery.

Bahamut Cup

  • Category: Teacher.
  • Awards:
    • Temporal Matter Earrings x1, Gold Point x300 (first time).
    • Gold point x150, x125 or x100 if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Equip the Hyperion outfit on Selena and... good luck. You have to put into practice everything you have learned and there are no tricks or big shortcuts. Make sure you stick with the position of the airstream and the bouncers, though. It's a long race and not being in the lead at the end of the first round doesn't mean you're going to lose, so be patient.

gold Cup

The Gold Cup consists of three races , the better position you get, the more points you get . At the end of the three circuits, the racer with the most points wins the Chocobo King's Cup and 200 gold points (150 for second, 125 for third).

If you have completed the other races, use Selena with the Hyperion set and you will have no problems. Since Joe will use Choco Rush frequently it is inevitable that he will overtake you at times, but you can fire the Choco Splash to make him lose speed as soon as the effect wears off. It will take a lot for him to recover. Winning this cup is part of the assignment The dreamed gold cup .