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Chocobo stop Nibel: all chocobo stop locations in the Nibelheim region

 To move quickly in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you have Chocobo stops. Here is their location in the Nibel region.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is packed with content. Whether it's the main story that will keep you entertained for many hours or the side content that will take you just as long if not more, you will have no shortage of things to do over the next few days and weeks. next weeks.

In each region of the game, there are numerous additional objectives, such as side quests, Espers, protorelics, and chocobo stops. In the Nibel region, you will find several chocobo stops. Here is their location!

All Nibel's Chocobo Stop locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

In total, you have 7 chocobo stops to find in the Nibel region on FF7 Rebirth. To help you find them easily, here are two screenshots of the Nibel region with all the chocobo stop locations.

Chocobo stops in the northern part of Nibel
Chocobo stops in the northern part of Nibel

Chocobo stops in the southern part of Nibel
Chocobo stops in the southern part of Nibel

How to activate a chocobo shutdown?

To activate a chocobo stop, you must go to its location and raise the indication panel while pressing the Triangle button on your controller.

Why activate Chocobo stops?

It is interesting to activate all chocobo stops for several reasons:

  • Complete the game 100%: if you are a collector and a completionist at heart, then you will not resist the urge to activate these locations.
  • Move quickly: Chocobo stops allow you to quickly move around the area map.
  • Heal yourself : By using a cushion, you can rest and recover your HP and MP.
  • Getting the Golden Feathers: If you want to get all of your chocobo's outfits, you will need to unlock all of the chocobo stops to get all of the golden feathers.