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Cobra Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to tame this creature on the Island of Eternity?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can imitate princesses by befriending animals. This is also true with the cobras from the A Rift in Time DLC, but you will need to show a little patience to approach them. Find out how to tame this critter right here.

The different types of cobras

The different types of cobras

Your adventures in the Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC begin at Ancient Port but be aware that you will need to visit other biomes for the purposes of A Rift in Time's story quests. These new areas contain resources of their own, such as plants, minerals, and new types of wood that you will use for cooking and crafting items. You will also be able to meet different critters depending on where you are, such as the monkeys of the Ancient Port who will be the first animals to welcome you, but also cobras that you can find in the Sparkling Dunes. There are 5 types of cobras at present, and each type spawns in a different area of ​​the dunes. Check out the availability of the cobras in question below:

The different types of cobras

How to tame a cobra

Once you have unlocked the Shimmering Dunes, you will be able to come across the different cobras listed above. The first thing to do to approach them is to bring their favorite food: eggs. All cobras love eggs, so you will only need this ingredient to tame them, no matter their color. You can find eggs in the Chez Rémy Pantry (Easter eggs work too). If you don't have eggs on hand, you can feed scorpions to the cobras. You can fish them from the blue circles of quicksand found in the Glittering Dunes.

With eggs in your pocket, you will have to be patient to approach the cobras. Unlike capybaras who let themselves be approached without fear, cobras are afraid and run away when they see you. But taming them is not impossible, you just need to go at their pace by following the instructions below:

  • Follow the cobra until it stops
  • Wait for him to turn towards you
  • Stay still when standing
  • Take a step forward when he ducks
  • Repeat the operation until you are close enough to interact with
  • Give him an egg
Once this is done, the cobra will give you a gift. Most often it will give you a burst of dreams, but it can occasionally give you a memory. If you want to make the cobra your companion, you will need to feed it several times to unlock it, then assign it to your character from the Companion tab of the Wardrobe menu.