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Corel FF7 Rebirth region: all exploration reports, collectibles and side quests

You want to complete Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 100%, we give you all the additional objectives for the Corel Region in this article!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second opus in the revisited saga of Final Fantasy VII, a legendary game from Square Enix from 1997. After the success of the first part Remake which takes you to the city of Midgard, Rebirth takes you on an epic adventure in the regions of Gaia. It's an open-world adventure and each region has additional objectives and collectibles to collect. Among these zones, we find the Corel Region, the second in the game.

If you just want to focus on the game's story, that's possible, but it's easier to gain experience by completing side objectives. It is also a way to learn more about the region of the game, but also about the characters in this adventure. Find our guide to the Corel Region!

Guide for the Corel Region in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In the Corel Region on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you can complete several side quests, but also Exploration Reports to increase your Regional Analysis. To complete the game 100%, it is necessary to complete the Exploration Reports of an area in order to obtain a Trophy. This is the third zone of the game which arrives after La Prairie and Junon. Corel is divided into two sections with the Costa del Sol and the Gold Saucer Desert.

You will have three types of objectives to complete in an area of ​​Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: 

  • Exploration Reports: They are required to complete the Regional Analysis.
  • Secondary quests: they allow you to obtain rewards, learn more about regions and characters and increase your affinity with your companions.
  • The other collectibles: these are Chocobo Stops, treasure caches, photography, and objects to dig up with your chocobo.

All Corel Region Exploration Reports 

In Corel, you will find several types of Exploration Reports in each region. Here are the ones you will find in the Corel Region: 

  • Transmission towers (6)
  • Hunting grounds (6)
  • Esper Crystals (3)
  • Well of life (6)
  • Protorelics (4)
  • Excavations (2)
  • Mog Report (1)
  • Secret report (1)
To find our guides, simply click on the name of the resource above. It is necessary to complete all of these exploration reports to complete the Corel Region Analysis. For information, to obtain the Secret Report and the Excavation Reports, you must first complete the Well of Life Reports.

All Corel Region Exploration Reports

All Corel Region Side Quests

In total, you will have access to seven side quests in the Corel Region. On your map, you won't notice as many at first, but you'll unlock some by completing the first few, and others later in the game.

  • future

All Corel Region Side Quests

Other collectibles from the Corel Region

  • Treasure Cache
  • Chocobo Stops
  • The Chocobo Excavations
  • Photography _
These collectibles are not necessary to complete the Region Scan, but you can get interesting rewards. Chocobo Stops allow you to obtain Golden Feathers to buy Chocobo outfits. The Chocobo Digs are the most difficult to find, but some hide collectibles that can be used for Johnny's quest that you will discover later in the game.