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Corrosive Titan Helldivers 2: How to eliminate this boss?

 While playing against the Terminids in Helldivers 2, you may have already crossed paths with a Corrosive Titan. Between his size and his armor, you may have thought that he was simply immortal. Don't panic, we'll explain how to overcome it.

Where to find a Corrosive Titan?

The Helldivers II bestiary is particularly extensive. Between the Scavengers, the Rangers, the Corrosive Drools, the Chargers and the Commanders, the Terminids are not the most peaceful adversaries and you risk quickly being overwhelmed by their numbers. But if there is one creature that dominates the food chain among our insect friends, it is of course the Corrosive Titans. These enormous creatures several meters high are absolutely devastating, and their heavy armor makes them opponents as difficult to kill as they are to escape. However, you may come across them quite often while playing Helldivers II.

Where to find a Corrosive Titan

Indeed, you will technically be able to fight against a Corrosive Titan even on the lowest difficulties. If you usually play in these, rest assured, you will only be able to encounter them if your main objective requires it. In the highest difficulties, however (and more particularly from 7th), you risk coming across corrosive Titans almost everywhere. They generally “hide” around primary and secondary objectives, but can also emerge from the ground like any other Terminid when called for reinforcements . If you don't eliminate them quickly, the situation could quickly get out of control.

How to eliminate a Corrosive Titan in Helldivers 2?

Despite its reinforced armor and gargantuan size, the Corrosive Titan is a deadly creature like any other in Helldivers II . To face it, however, we advise you to equip yourself well, and therefore to climb a little in levels. By observing the monster, you will quickly notice that its armor does not cover its entire body. If you don't have many weapons that allow you to pierce the armor, we advise you to concentrate your shots on the green parts at belly level . Be careful, you will necessarily have to pass under his paws to get there, be very careful with them if you don't want to die in one hit.

If you don't have time to aim precisely or if you're afraid of passing under its immense legs, you can always try to pierce the Corrosive Titan's armor. To do this, we advise you to use some offensive or supply stratagems . At low levels, the EAT-17 Anti-Tank Charge is an excellent way to inflict damage on this behemoth, especially thanks to the stratagem's low cooldown. The GR-8 Recoilless Rifle and the AC-8 Autocannon are also very good options against the Corrosive Titan. Regarding offensive stratagems, most will be very effective but you will need to know how to manage the time between the moment you throw the aiming grenade and the moment the cannon hits the target. We therefore advise you to use Eagle Strikes to reduce this time to a minimum.

At high levels, you will eventually unlock some particularly powerful stratagems against the Corrosive Titan. In the supply stratagems, we note for example the power of the Lance , even if you will have to take cover to use it. The Orbital Electromagnetic Cannon Strike , on the other hand, is absolutely perfect against the Corrosive Titan. Indeed, the latter is a huge single-target strike that automatically locks on the largest creature in the area. Once you've gotten the hang of it, a few more shots with a weapon like the AC-8 Autocannon will be enough to finish the job. If you have to fight against several corrosive Titans in addition to a few Chargers and other corrosive Drools, don't hesitate to flee while you calm things down .