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Death sentence expired Skull and Bones: How to remove the incessant message from the Wheelhouse?

 The message “Death Sentence Expired” keeps appearing on your screen and you don't know what to do to remove it? In this Skull and Bones article, we give you different solutions to remove this incessant notification.

Death sentence expired Skull and Bones: How to remove the incessant message from the Wheelhouse?

Death sentence… Why does this message appear?

Although the exact reason for this message is still unclear, it could be that it appears following an action you have taken against the Wheelhouse Renegades.

The Wheelhouse, if you don't know it yet, is part of the Skull and Bones smuggling network linked to Yanita Nara of the Silent Bridge of Sainte-Anne. Transporting White Skull Rum or attacking one of their merchant ships seems to be enough to bring their wrath upon you.

For our part, we accidentally ran into one of their ships. Except that we fled towards another objective, without necessarily taking the time to eliminate them. And when the ship stopped following us, the message “Death sentence expired” appeared. It could therefore be that fleeing or stealing one of the boats in the Wheelhouse is one of the reasons why this message appears.

Death sentence… How to remove this message in Skull and Bones?

If you fled one of the Wheelhouse ships that were chasing you, or committed pillage from them, this message may appear many times on your screen. Whereas logically, it should only appear once.

However, a bug seems to generate this message indefinitely even though the event has ended. It then pollutes the screen and prevents immersion. To remove this incessant message, there are different solutions available to you.

  • Exit Skull and Bones completely and restart the game: although this may be the most futile solution, it does stop some display bugs, including the “Death Sentence Expired” message.
  • Talking to an NPC: going to buy resources or starting a conversation with an NPC can help remove this message
  • Take a new contract: new contracts trigger a message on your screen. The latter thus has a chance of canceling that of the “Expired death sentence”
  • Press your 'Space' key repeatedly (PC): This trick is funny, but many testimonials from PC gamers seem to say that it works. So, when the message appears on your screen, hammer your 'Space' key to hopefully delete it permanently

And that’s our best advice for trying to remove the incessant “Death Sentence Expired” message. However, the latter can continue to be rampant despite everything: in fact, this bug has still not really been taken care of by Ubisoft, so we will have to wait for a fix to no longer have to deal with this.