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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor 01 update guide - new biome, monsters and balance changes


Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor 01 update guide - new biome, monsters and balance changes

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has received a major update that adds a new biome, mechanics, achievements, and changes to the performance of weapons and artifacts. In this guide, we will tell you about all the important details that you may encounter when starting the game.

New biome “Salt Pits”

A fourth biome has been added to the game, which is distinguished by large deposits of minerals and stones that block movement. You will need boosts for digging speed, but here you can safely fight off hordes of enemies by drilling a long tunnel. In such conditions, you can try new builds, and additional gold and nitrate speed up the pumping of weapons. In one race we managed to collect 600 units of such resources.

New enemies and rocks in the Salt Pits

New fast monsters, Q'ronar Youngling, have appeared that break stones on collision. The elite version of these creatures moves to the end of the location, drilling paths.

Unstable stones have been added, which, when destroyed, bring down a series of stalactites in front of them. You can kill the bugs that are chasing you if you break the stone at the right angle.

New achievements, tasks and artifacts

Three new achievements have been added, by completing which you can obtain powerful artifacts:

  • Close Call - Kill a Dreadnought with less than 30 health. As a reward, you will receive the artifact “Helmet with Iroquois ,” which increases damage by 1% for each % of missing health;
  • Hoxxes Manual - Die 3 times. After receiving, the universal “Dive Guide” will open with the following parameters: +10% damage, +10% reload speed, +5% critical chance, +20% critical damage;
  • Why So Salty? - Reach 50 armor. The new artifact “Salty Pretzel” increases your armor by 1 for every 2% of your missing health.

Balance edits

The requirements for opening new locations have been changed due to the addition of a fourth biome and the requirements for biome tasks have been slightly adjusted. For example, to complete level 4 in the Magma Caves you now need to obtain 275 units of nitra, instead of 300.

Changes to weapon and artifact parameters

Basic weapons can be immediately upgraded to level 21. Otherwise, most weapons have had their starting damage increased and their attack speed increased. We've nerfed the M1000 Classic, heavy autocannon, and seismic repulsor, but they're still strong and useful. 

The Pay2Win console , Clipboard of Grudges , ice and fire belt-shield artifacts have been strengthened . They were useful before, but now they deal even more damage and provide additional experience.

Many bugs fixed and localization

For example, we fixed an issue where bugs with rocks would gain more health if the monsters became stronger in the previous stage. And also many other bugs and problems.

The font has been edited to make everything look more organic and not distract from the main gameplay. Now the text looks appropriate, and not like a crooked fashion with an amateur translation.