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Depresso Palworld: Capture, reproduction, location... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Depresso in Palworld, but you don't know where to look in the world map to find it, or how to get it in an egg? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Depresso in Palworld

His nasty look means he has few friends despite his big heart. He was observed offering food to a Vixy separated from its herd.

Depresso in Palworld

  • Type : Darkness
  • Partner Skills : Caffeine Shot - Drinks a large amount of energy drink when called to temporarily and drastically increase his movement speed
  • Work capacity : Transport lv.1, Manual work lv.1 and Extraction lv.1
  • Dropped Items : Venom Gland

Depresso is not a good Pal, regardless of its use. It will have very little use in your camp and even less in combat. Most players will only attempt to obtain it to complete the Paldex.

How to have a Depresso through reproduction?

Depresso is not a complicated Pal to obtain in Palworld. But if you don't want to bother looking for it in the wild, you can very well obtain it by breeding. Many parent associations allow you to have it in an egg, you can find them below :

  • Lamball + Killamari
  • Chikipi + Kelpsea
  • Lifmunk + Tocotoco
  • Pengullet + Hangyu
  • Vixy + Ribunny
  • Cremis + Ribunny
  • Mau + Flopie

How to catch Depresso in Palpagos?

Depresso is a nocturnal Pal, which is why it will be completely useless to pick it up in the middle of the day.

He will tend to appear on the first island at the start of the game, but also on the different islands surrounding the main island of Palpagos . On the other hand, he will not appear at the Leafy Stream, so stick to the early game zones only!