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Dhow Skull and Bones: How to get it and use it for hunting contracts?

 Skull and Bones' hunting contracts, such as The Thrill of the Hunt for example, require you to hunt wild animals along coasts and rivers with the help of the Dhow. But where to find this ship? In this article, we explain how to sail with the Dhow to hunt crocodiles, hippos, and even hammerhead sharks.

Dhow Skull and Bones: How to get it and use it for hunting contracts?

The Dhow… How to get this hunting ship in Skull and Bones?

The Dhow is the first ship you can obtain in Skull and Bones, the one that allowed you to reach Sainte-Anne. You won't have to look for a plan to build it!

To go to sea with him, all you have to do is select “Change ship” from the dock, where you can decide to go to sea or even manage your ship. The Dhow is the only level 1 ship, so you should have no difficulty finding it among your ship list.

How to hunt with the Dhow in Skull and Bones?

The Dhow does not have a cannon, so all you have to do is aim at the animals of your choice for your character to pull out a spear which he will immediately throw at your target. Certain animals such as buffalo cannot be hunted; only those indicated on your map can be the subject of a hunting session with the Dhow.

To go hunting, all you have to do is make a spear with the carpenter in Sainte-Anne, then set off with the Dhow to the position of the animals you covet.

How to make hunting easier with the Dhow?

To make your hunting sessions easier, particularly to eliminate hippos much more quickly, we invite you to quickly improve your spear . The higher your spear rank, the more powerful it will be and will inflict damage on your target. This is why we advise you to make a better quality spear so as not to end up adrift because of a hippopotamus that destroys the Dhow too quickly.