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Disney Dreamlight Valley: anglerfish, walleye, fugu... How to catch the rarest fish in the game?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can engage in several activities that allow you to progress the story and earn gold coins. Fishing is a good way to make pocket money, but for it to be truly lucrative, you have to catch rare fish!

The rare fish of Disney Dreamlight Valley

Of the many activities available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, fishing is arguably one of the most lucrative. Indeed, depending on the rarity of the fish at the end of your line, you can make a small fortune by reselling them or cooking dishes with them. Moreover, some of these creatures are necessary to prepare specific cooking recipes, for which you can find the complete guide right here. Among them, we find in particular the monkfish, an aquatic animal that is chilling but which, in view of its energy intake and its selling price, must be delicious.

Like most rare fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll have to rely on the orange circles to find an anglerfish – but not just anywhere. This species can only be found in one place, and it is as gloomy as the fish it is home to the Forgotten Lands. Not only will you need 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock this area, but you will also need to have opened the path leading to the Sunny Plateau to access it, which will cost you 7000 Dreamlight, or 22,000 Dreamlight in total to access the last unlockable biome at current time, and the resources hidden there. Even though the price of admission to this new area is high, anglerfish remains quite easy to catch, unlike two other rare fish in the valley:

How to catch a fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In theory, you should be able to catch a fugu fairly early in the game, since it is found in the sea bordering the Enchanted Beach. Like other rare fish, you can encounter it while fishing in the middle of an orange circle, but there is one major condition to respect to get your hands on this toxic fish: it has to rain! Indeed, if you fish in orange circles when it is sunny, you will only come across swordfish, but if a shower or storm hits the valley, you will have every chance of finding a fugu!

However, this fish remains very rare, and you may mostly come across swordfish even in rainy weather, so it is better to take a villager with you to hope to double your catch. The best would be to opt for a level 10 companion with the Fishing role to maximize your gains.

How to catch a fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If fishing doesn't pay off, you can also invite Moana to the valley and upgrade her boat to the maximum. This will occasionally bring you a fugu, but you will have to pay the price to reach the stage that unlocks this fish.

How to Catch a Walleye in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The rarest fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley is undoubtedly the walleye, for the simple reason that it is not possible to catch it yourself at the moment. Normally, walleye can be found in the waters of the Sunny Plateau, but since the game is in early access, this area is not yet completely finished and suffers from some bugs. These should be resolved when The Lion King characters appear this fall, but in the meantime, fishing circles – regardless of their color – do not appear in this biome, making catching walleye impossible.

However, even if you can't fish it yourself, this problem doesn't seem to affect Moana, who is perfectly capable of bringing you a walleye - provided you have upgraded her boat to the maximum. It's time to tap into your savings!