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Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ariel: how to unlock the Little Mermaid? Our complete guide!

 Have you been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for some time, but haven't yet encountered the Little Mermaid, whether on land or in the sea? Don't panic, your game is not bugged: there is simply a series of quests to complete before unlocking Ariel. We explain to you:

How to unlock Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to unlock Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can meet lots of iconic characters from the Disney and Pixar universe, like Mickey and his gang, but also villains known to everyone like the essential Scar from The Lion King who will join the valley in the next release up to date, and the terrifying Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Moreover, the Little Mermaid herself is present in the game, even if she does not appear immediately. Indeed, you have to complete a specific quest to be able to unlock it, and it is entirely possible that you missed it because it is not given to you automatically, unlike other friendship quests that are linked to your level. understanding with the characters. Without further ado, find out how to unlock this quest and bring Ariel back to Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Step 1: The Mysterious Wreck

To obtain the quest that will take you to Ariel, you will need to have access to the Enchanted Beach and pick up the paddle which is on the island near Skull Rock, next to the damaged raft.

With the paddle in your pocket, find Goofy to ask him to help you repair the raft. The latter will send you to collect the following materials :

  • 30 Hardwood: You will find hardwood around the trees in the Forest of Courage and Bayou de la Confiance.
  • 7 Ropes: You can make ropes from fibers, which themselves must be made from algae. Don’t hesitate to consult our guide to algae if you don’t know where to find it.
  • 25 Clay: You will find clay in the soil of Bayou de la Confiance, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands.
  • 10 Iron Ingots: Iron ingots must be made from iron ore and coal ore. You'll find coal in most of the valley's rocky outcrops, but iron ore can only be found in Confidence Bayou, Frozen Heights, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. 

Once you have gathered all these materials, return to Goofy and craft the Raft Repair Kit at a crafting station .

Once done, you can take Goofy to the raft and repair it! All you have to do is get on board...

Step 2: The Lonely Island reach the isolated island where Ariel has been stranded since Oblivion.

Talk to him and return to Dreamlight Valley to build his house on the edge of Enchanted Beach. The quest will be validated as soon as you welcome Ariel to the valley. All you have to do is increase your friendship with the Little Mermaid to discover all her quests.