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Disney Dreamlight Valley: be careful, time travel could damage your save!

 Time travel is a practice that has become rather popular with Animal Crossing, and even if Disney Dreamlight Valley is also a life simulation game, that does not mean that visiting the future is without danger. Find out the problems this can cause, and especially how to avoid them.

Time travel: a dangerous practice

Despite its similarities to Animal Crossing, which has always been fairly permissive with time travel, Disney Dreamlight Valley is much more punitive with players looking to circumvent the limits imposed by the game to advance faster. Indeed, the Gameloft title is supposed to become free to play in 2023, certain mechanics are entirely based on the synchronization of time between the game and the real world, and the moonstones that can be found in blue chests and won performing certain actions visible in the Event tab of the menu depend on a stable internet connection.

If you travel in time, this connection cannot be made, so the moonstones cannot be returned to you unless you return to a date that coincides with the real world. But this slight inconvenience is far from the major problem with time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As said earlier, certain game mechanics are based on real-time. This is particularly the case for the respawn rate of resources, such as wood, plants, and even rock outcrops, and the gems that go with them.

Therefore, when you travel to the future, you will have access to new resources, but if you collect them in the future and then return to the past, the game considers that these elements must be drawn from the reserve of the day they were picked up (the future day therefore) to reappear, and the latter is unfortunately not infinite. Resources can therefore run out very quickly, just like Scrooge's store which will not renew its items.

How to get around time travel bugs (in theory)

How to get around time travel bugs (in theory)

Reappearance and internet connection problems can theoretically be resolved when the travel date in the future coincides with today's date. For example, if it is September 15 and you traveled until September 20, you will have to wait until it is September 20 in real life for resources to start appearing again. If you find the time limit too long (for example if you have traveled weeks in the future or more), you can continue playing in the future from the farthest day without traveling further, but this will prevent you from enjoying the elements related to the internet connection.

If you want to collect the moonstones, you can always return to the present day to collect your winnings and return to the most distant day to continue playing. If these rewards don't interest you, you can continually travel into the future one day at a time to force wood, plants, and gems to reappear. Note that this method may not work if you have returned to the past in the meantime, especially if some of these elements are already bugged.

In this regard, be aware that alarming bugs can appear in your save when you travel through time, such as plants that can no longer be harvested at all even if they are displayed in game and rock outcrops that do not reform. neither. These issues can also affect items related to buildings you are upgrading, preventing you from modifying them further or displaying them in their original state even though they have been upgraded. Quests can also be hit, which will prevent you from progressing through the story, crippling your game completely.

This is why we advise you to avoid time travel at all costs because the accumulation of these bugs can make your game so unplayable that you will have to start from scratch by creating a new save.