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Disney Dreamlight Valley, coffee: how to grow coffee beans in the valley? Our guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, unlocking biomes allows you to harvest more ingredients, such as spices, vegetables, and fruits. But some fruits don't appear on their own, and that's the case with coffee beans! Find out how to grow it:

Coffee beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Coffee beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, each unlocked biome has its own resources in terms of flowers, gems, materials, but also ingredients, and more precisely fruits. The third biome that you will discover by following the story is the Bayou of Trust, through the quest The Curse of Mother Gothel. This new area will give you access to lemons and cocoa beans. But did you know that you can also grow coffee beans there? To do this, you will need the help of an alien, namely Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Indeed, one of his friendship quests will give you the power to grow coffee trees in Bayou de la Confiance, allowing you to harvest coffee beans regularly and use them to recover energy or to make coffee following Rémy 's recipes. Without further ado, learn the steps needed to grow coffee in Disney Dreamlight Valley's  Bayou de la Confidence :

The Very Tired Stitch Quest from Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to getting coffee in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to unlock Stitch. The little blue alien arrived in the game with the December 6, 2022 update, and its unlock conditions are quite special. We invite you to consult our guide to unlocking Stitch or the Stitch character page for details. Once you have unlocked it, you will have to respect a few prerequisites to obtain the coffee quest:

  • Complete the mission Checking Stitch's Kindness Level
  • Reach level 4 with Stitch
  • Unblock Remy
  • Complete Remy's Restaurant Renovation quest
  • Unlock WALL-E
  • Complete the quest Village Project: WALL-E's Garden
  • Unlock Bayou Trust
Once this is done, you will realize that the village garden is in shambles. Pick up the coffee cup behind the garden and find WALL-E to talk to him about it.

WALL-E seems to think Stitch is the one responsible, so talk to him. He will admit the facts, and explain to you that he was trying to make coffee. He gives you a dried-up coffee shoot so that you can bring it back to life.

Take it to WALL-E so he can take care of it while you look for the materials needed to replant the coffee tree :

  • 25 Pebbles: You will find pebbles in the ground of Enchanted Beach, Forest of Courage, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands.
  • 25 Clay: You will find clay in the soil of Bayou de la Confiance, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. Consider following our clay guide to find it more quickly.
  • 1 bag: To make a bag, you will need the following materials:
    • 15 fibers: To make fibers, you will need algae. Our guide to algae will make it easier for you to find it.
    • 5 dirt: you will find dirt everywhere on the ground except on the Enchanted Beach.
Once all the materials have been gathered, return to WALL-E to collect the coffee tree sprout. All you have to do is assemble all the elements at a crafting station.

Once this is done, go plant your shoot in Bayou de la Confiance and water it. You will have to repeat the operation 3 times before a coffee tree grows.

Once the coffee tree is ready, pick the coffee beans and show them to Stitch. Then go see Rémy to find out how to prepare it.

For a classic coffee, you will only need 1 coffee bean.

Once the coffee is prepared, take it to Stitch to complete the quest. Congratulations, coffee bushes are now growing in Bayou de la Confiance!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Coffee Recipes

In addition to Stitch and Coffee Beans, the Toy Story update also brought a few recipes, including seasonal recipes that you can find in our dedicated article and in our complete guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes. Even though Christmas recipes are quite tempting, Rémy didn't just prepare desserts for this time of year. The little chef has also concocted 3 coffee-based recipes which you can find in detail below:

Coffee :
  • 1 coffee bean: you will find coffee beans on the bushes of Bayou de la Confiance.

Coffee cream:

  • 1 coffee bean: you will find coffee beans on the bushes of Bayou de la Confiance.
  • 1 milk: you will find milk in the pantry at Chez Rémy.

Mocha :

  • 1 coffee bean: you will find coffee beans on the bushes of Bayou de la Confiance .
  • 1 milk: you will find milk in the pantry at Chez Rémy .
  • 1 cocoa bean: you will find cocoa beans on the trees of Bayou de la Confiance and Sunny Plateau .