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Disney Dreamlight Valley, crow: how to tame the new critter?

 Thanks to the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update, ravens are now available in the Forgotten Lands. If you want to approach them, you will have to go behind the stove before you start. Find out how to tame this animal right here:

The different types of crows

The different types of crows

The first visitable area of ​​Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Esplanade, but if you manage your resources correctly and complete your Dreamlight missions regularly, you will quickly be able to unlock other biomes. Each area has its own resources, such as wood, minerals, and plants, which you can use not only to craft items but also to cook one of Disney Dreamlight Valley's 164 recipes. You will also be able to meet different critters depending on where you are, such as the sparrows of the Sunny Plateau which we spoke to you about recently, but also the crows which you can find in the Forgotten Lands since the update from October 19, 2022. There are 6 types of ravens, but only 5 of them can be encountered in-game, with the sixth raven being the subject of a Wonder of Pixar Paths of the Stars reward. Discover the details of the availability of the crows below:

The different types of crows

How to tame a crow

Once you have unlocked the Forgotten Lands, you will be able to come across the different crows listed above. The first thing to do to approach them is to bring their favorite food: 5-star dishes. Unlike sparrows which are quite picky, crows will eat any type of dish as long as it is 5-star.

Once you have prepared a 5-star dish, simply be near the crows to interact with them. Unlike raccoons, which must be approached delicately, you can tame them quickly by following the instructions below:

  • Approach the crow and it will start flying above you
  • Wait for him to come down to your level to interact with him
  • Give him a 5 star meal
Once done, the crow will give you a gift. Most often he will give you a bag of patterns, but he can occasionally give you a dreamy glow if you give him his favorite food. If you want to make the crow your companion, you will need to feed it several times to unlock it, then assign it to your character from the Companion tab of the Wardrobe menu.