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Disney Dreamlight Valley: drawings, pipe cleaners, ice cream sticks... Where to find the hidden objects in Bonnie's room?

 In addition to the new battle pass, the Toy Story update allows you to explore a new kingdom in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Buzz's quest "A Secret Mission into Uncharted Space" will ask you to find many items in Bonnie's room. Here's where to find them:

Toy Story Kingdom in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Toy Story Kingdom in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update certainly brought important fixes to Gameloft's game, but not only that. The developers have also slipped in a few additions, including level 10 friendship quests for Minnie and WALL-E, alternative skins for villagers, the ability to go on an excursion with Ariel, potions to temporarily improve tools, a Path of Stars and village and holiday-themed quests, and even some performance improvements across all media! But the major nature of this update is mainly reflected in the arrival of not one, not two, but three new characters!

Indeed, as soon as you have updated your game, you will be able to meet the adorable Stitch – provided you have found a lost object on the Enchanted Beach. As for Buzz Lightyear and Woody, you will find them in the Toy Story Kingdom which is located just to the right of the Frozen Kingdom inside the Castle of Dreams. Moreover, the two sidekicks will ask you to find many objects hidden in Bonnie's room, and you will need to have an eye to find some of them. Luckily, we've taken notes to help you:

Toy Story Kingdom Hidden Objects

AA Battery Locations

Once you have spent the 7000 Dreamlight needed to unlock the Toy Story Kingdom, you will be able to meet Buzz Lightyear in Bonnie's room. However, the latter has a small battery problem, and it is as part of the quest A Secret Mission in Unexplored Space that you will have to help it find 2 AA batteries so that it can work properly. You'll find the first pile behind the pile of books with the ladder on the right as you enter the room, and the second near the bedside table to the left of the bed.

Circuit Piece Locations

Once repaired, Buzz explains to you that he would like to complete the toy car circuit in the room to undo the window latch and thus allow Woody to return to Bonnie's room. To do this, you need to find all 10 pieces of the race track scattered around the room. There are 6 large pieces and 4 small pieces.

  • The first piece is just to the right of the entrance, near the furniture handle.
  • The second is near the ladder where you found the first AA battery.
  • The third piece is a little further away, near an origami penguin and a green chest.
  • The fourth is right next to a book with clouds and musical notes.
  • The fifth piece is under the orange and green table, near a teddy bear.
  • The sixth is on the other side of the table, near the teddy bear and a green chest.
  • The seventh piece is right next to a pile of foam tiles.
  • The eighth is at the foot of the bed on the left side.
  • The ninth piece is right in front of the nightstand.
  • The tenth and final piece is in the closet.

Magically Growing Cactus Locations

Once the circuit is completed, Buzz will send you to find 5 magically growing cacti in the room in order to raise certain parts of it.

  • The first green cactus is in the closet.
  • The yellow cactus is between the bedside table and the wardrobe.
  • The red cactus is to the right of the stairs leading to the bed.
  • The blue cactus is under the circuit in the right part of the room.
  • The second green cactus is right next to the pile of moss tiles.

With the cacti in hand, you must place them in the 3 indicated places and water them to complete the circuit.

Once this is done, all you have to do is talk to Buzz so that he can give you the little car. Then, approach the ladder, and a cutscene will trigger, and Woody will be freed.

Bonnie Drawing Locations

With Woody back, you learn of the existence of Bonnie's farm, and Buzz asks you to take a photo of his 4 drawings to be able to rebuild it.

  • The first drawing is next to the bedside table.
  • The second is at the bottom of the cupboard.
  • The third drawing is in the small white cabinet on the other side of the room.
  • The fourth and final drawing is on the back wall. You have to climb onto the table where Buzz was before to see him.
At this point, you can invite Buzz to the Valley and put him in his RV for 10,000 Star Coins!

Ice Cream Stick and Pipe Cleaner Locations

Now that Buzz has joined the valley, you must help Woody complete Bonnie's farm so that he can settle in Dreamlight Valley as well. To do this, you must gather 8 popsicle sticks and 5 pipe cleaners, which you will easily find on the floor of the room. You will need the shovel to collect the sticks and the pickaxe for the pipe cleaners.

Next, you will need to return to Dreamlight Valley to collect 2 Yellow Daisies from the Quiet Meadow and Adhesive from Buzz to complete the construction.

Origami animal locations

Finally, you will need to find 5 origami animals to complete Bonnie's farm.

  • The butterfly can be found very close to the farm, near a book with an Easter egg.
  • The penguin is behind a pile of books, where you found a piece of circuitry.
  • The first elephant is right next to the circuit, near the ladder.
  • The second elephant is right next to the red backpack.
  • The turtle is in the closet, just behind the door.

Once the animals have been returned, you can invite Woody to the valley and install him in his ride for 10,000-star coins.