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Disney Dreamlight Valley, Eric: how to unlock the Little Mermaid Prince? Our guide

 Have you unlocked the Little Mermaid in Disney Dreamlight Valley but don't see any princes on the horizon? Don't worry, this isn't a bug: there is simply a series of quests to complete before you can unlock Eric. We explain how to do it:

How to Unlock Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Unlock Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are responsible for restoring a valley plunged into Oblivion, which will lead you to meet its inhabitants, however special they may be. Taken from the Disney and Pixar universe, the villagers will give you quests that will not only help you familiarize yourself with the places but will also allow you to unlock more characters. This is particularly the case for the quest Goofy's Mysterious Wreck, which is an essential step in bringing Ariel back to Dreamlight Valley. But the Little Mermaid is not the only character from her film to appear in the Gameloft game, since the terrifying Ursula makes her appearance the moment you open access to the Enchanted Beach. It also hides a little secret: it keeps Prince Eric prisoner in his garden of lost souls, and you will only be able to free him at the end of his last quest for friendship. Without further ado, find out how to unlock this quest and bring Eric back to Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Step 1: A deal with Ursula

To obtain this quest, you must have reached level 10 friendship with Ursula, but also have unlocked Ariel as well as the Forest of Courage, the Frozen Heights, and the Forgotten Lands. This done, Ursula offers you a deal: bring her the mysterious power hidden in the Forgotten Lands, and she will give you Eric's lost soul. So start by exploring the Forgotten Lands, collect the black crystal on one of the pedestals, and then bring it back to Ursula .

Ursula sends you to find the 3 other crystals scattered throughout the valley. Here's where to find them:

  • Bayou de la Confiance Crystal: It is located at the foot of the Giant Willow, just to the right of the entrance to Mother Gothel 's house.
  • Sunny Plateau Crystal: You will find it by the lake in the previously inaccessible part. Go around the Forgotten Lands to get there.
  • Frozen Heights Crystal: It is located just to the right of the river's birthplace.
With the 4 crystals in your pocket, place them on the pedestals of the Forgotten Lands and pick up the magic crystal that appeared nearby.

All you have to do is bring it to Ursula to honor your part of the bargain and receive Eric's lost soul.

Step 2: Poor prince in distress

This quest is triggered automatically from the moment you receive Eric's lost soul at the end of the mission A Deal with Ursula. To begin, bring poor, distressed Eric to Ariel, who sends you to speak with Merlin to try to find a solution.

The first step is to build Eric's house so he has a home base. Go through decoration mode in your inventory to do this, and pay the 10,000 gold coins.

Once done, go get Eric's flute from the table inside, and bring it to Ariel.

Once Ariel has successfully brought Eric back, you can welcome him to the valley. After an eternity in distress, Eric dies of starvation. It gives you 3 of the 164 recipes available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you must first learn them, and then prepare them.

Gazpacho :

  • 1 Cucumber: You can buy a whole cucumber or cucumber seeds from Goofy's stall in Frozen Heights.
  • 1 tomato: you can buy a whole tomato or tomato seeds at the Goofy stand on Enchanted Beach.
  • 1 Onion: You can buy a whole onion or onion seeds from Goofy's stand in the Forest of Courage.
  • 1 oregano: You can collect oregano on the Esplanade.

Vegetarian stew:

  • 1 Potato: You can buy a whole potato or potato seeds from Goofy's stall in the Forgotten Lands.
  • 1 carrot: You can buy a whole carrot or carrot seeds at the Goofy stand in the Quiet Meadow.
  • 1 Onion: You can buy a whole onion or onion seeds from Goofy's stand in the Forest of Courage.

Red fruit salad :

  • 1 raspberry: You can collect raspberries on the Esplanade and in the Quiet Meadow.
  • 1 blueberry: You can collect blueberries on the Enchanted Beach and in the Forest of Courage.
  • 1 Gooseberry: You can collect gooseberries in the Frozen Heights and the Forgotten Lands.

The 3 prepared dishes, bring them to Eric, and accompany him to witness his reunion with Ariel and complete the quest.