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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gray Tip Recipe: What are the ingredients and how to make it?

Are you a Disney Dreamlight Valley enthusiast looking to cook the famous “gray stuff”? Look no further, this complete guide will give you all the information you need to make this 3-star recipe and the location of all the ingredients needed to make it.

What is the recipe for Truc Gris?

The Gray Stuff is a trio of 3-star cupcakes that you can bake in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only is this dish a favorite of one of your residents, but it is also essential to successfully completing The Beast quest “The Beast That Does Not Bite”. Although the recipe is not very complicated to make, finding the necessary ingredients can be quite a challenge. To prepare the gray stuff, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cheese
  • 1 sugar cane
  • 1 cocoa bean 
What is the recipe for Truc Gris

Where to find the ingredients to cook a Truc Gris?

Now that you have the recipe, you're probably wondering how to get these ingredients. Here's where you can find them:


  • Cheese is an ingredient that you can only unlock after having unlocked Rémy's Restaurant and having progressed well in his friendship quests. Once this is done, you can buy some behind the kitchen.

Sugar cane

  • The sugar cane is found on the Enchanted Beach. You can buy it in shoot or seed form directly via the Dingo stand. So you have the choice between spending a few coins to get it immediately or growing it yourself.

The cocoa bean

  • The cocoa bean is found on the trees of the Sunny Plateau or Bayou de la Confiance. You can also buy them at the Goofy stands in these biomes.