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Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Great Blizzard: which gems to open the portal? Our guide

 The new Disney Dreamlight Valley update is here, and the characters it introduces haven't come empty-handed! Investigate the blizzard blanketing the Frozen Heights alongside Olaf, and discover what gems are needed to restore the Pillar:

A great blizzard falls on Dreamlight Valley

A great blizzard falls on Dreamlight Valley

Thanks to the latest update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will not only be able to meet Mirabel from the movie Encanto and Olaf from Frozen, but you will also be able to continue the main story of the game. A strange blizzard has broken out. shot down on the Frozen Heights, and he unfortunately resists the powers of Merlin and Elsa. To put an end to it, you must restore the Pillar of the area, but it seems that the associated Orb is missing. In search of answers, you venture into the secret chamber hidden somewhere deep in the snowy biome. Fortunately, you come across Olaf, and he seems to know where the Orb is. But you'll have to solve a little puzzle before you can get your hands on it! Indeed, pedestals topped with gems await you in this room, and you will have to find the missing stones to be able to progress. We explain to you what gems these are, and especially where to find them in our complete guide to the story quest The Great Blizzard :

What gems are needed to open the portal?

The Great Blizzard story quest triggers automatically when you unlock Frozen Heights after the February 16, 2023 update, provided you have completed the Nature and Care of Scar quest. Go directly to Merlin, then go to the heart of the blizzard. You will find a strange wall behind the Pillar. Interact with it, and enter the secret room to meet Olaf.

You have to find the 4 scary squirrels who took away his nose and buttons. They move randomly in the blizzard. Approach it and interact with it to collect the items, then return to the secret room to return them to their owner.

This done, he will tell you that he has lost his arms and the Orb with them and sends you to Elsa to try to revive the memory of water. After your conversation, go to the Pillar of the Frozen Heights armed with your royal watering can. Spray the glowing particles at the base of the pillar to reveal a Memory.

Return to Elsa to discuss what you saw, then to the secret room to speak to Olaf.

Use your royal watering can on the pile of snow near the library to revive a new Memory. Do the same near the magic portal, and talk to Olaf.

You need to find a book about portals in the secret room. This is the white paper near the levitating table.

With the book in your pocket, talk to Olaf.

To stabilize the portal, you must create a Dreamlight Prism with the following materials :

  • 10 Glass: You can make glass from sand, which you can harvest by digging on the Enchanted Beach or by following our guide to removing marine debris.
  • 5 Purified Night Shards: Dig at the glowing holes to collect Dream Shards and Night Shards, and combine them at a crafting station to obtain Purified Shards. You will need 25 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards in total.
  • 3 broken prisms: you will find the 3 pieces of prism in the secret room. There are 2 near Olaf and 1 near the library.

All the elements gathered, craft a Dreamlight Prism from the functional items tab of a crafting station, and place it on the pedestal at the entrance to the secret chamber.

Next, you need to find the 3 missing gems to restore the portal:

  • 1 Amethyst: You will find amethysts on rock outcrops in Frozen Heights and Forgotten Lands. As a reminder, shiny gems do not work for quests.
  • 1 Citrine: You will find citrines on the rocky outcrops of Bayou de la Confiance and Sunny Plateau.
  • 1 Emerald: You will find emeralds on rocky outcrops in the Forest of Courage and Bayou de la Confiance.
Place the citrine in the middle left, the emerald in the bottom right, and the amethyst in the remaining space on the right.

Once done, approach the portal and choose your deepest fear.

With the Orb in your pocket, you can return his arms to Olaf, and he will help you repair it. All you have to do is put the Orb back in its place to restore the Pillar of Love and get rid of the blizzard. Talk to Olaf one last time to complete the quest.

Congratulations! You now have access to Olaf's friendship quests.