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Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to get Crushed Ice? Our guide

 During your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across many ingredients needed to prepare delicious savory, and sweet recipes. However, any of these will require some effort on your part to obtain. We explain to you:

Would you like to have a little ice cream?

Would you like to have a little ice cream

Disney Dreamlight Valley joined our screens in early access on September 6, and many fans of Disney and Pixar films were able to begin their adventures in the heart of the valley. Between the nocturnal thorns to remove, the memories to find, and the villagers to collect, players don't have time to get bored! Especially since the Gameloft title contains activities allowing you to form bonds with characters, collect resources, and fill your wallet. Among them, we of course find gathering, gardening, and fishing, but also more physical activities such as excavation and gem extraction.

As you probably suspect, all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can harvest have a use other than satisfying your acute collectionitis, namely cooking. Alone or with the help of Rémy, the hero of Ratatouille, you can use all these ingredients to prepare delicious dishes and delight the inhabitants of the valley – including you – or fill your pockets by reselling them. Most of these elements can be found in the different biomes or at the Chez Rémy restaurant, but it turns out that a crucial ingredient for preparing frozen desserts is blocked behind a quest: crushed ice! Find out how to unlock it right here:

Unlock Crushed Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get shaved ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have to proceed in stages. Start by inviting Rémy to the valley and unlock his restaurant. To do this, unlock the door to the Ratatouille world in the castle with 3000 Dreamlight and complete the steps of the associated quest until Remy is installed and the restaurant is usable. Do not hesitate to consult our guide to ratatouille if necessary.

Then, you will have to do the same with WALL-E because you will need him to complete the quest associated with crushed ice. Spend 3000 Dreamlight to open the door to his world and help him until he reaches the valley.

You will also have to invite Elsa into the valley via the castle, this time using 4000 Dreamlight, and have access to the Frozen Heights. You will need 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock this biome. Once Elsa is installed, you will need to reach level 6 in friendship with her to improve your pickaxe to the maximum. This step is necessary to break the ice spikes in the Frozen Heights and harvest snow .

Then, you will have to become best friends with Rémy by reaching level 10. You can do this pretty quickly by taking him for walks and giving him his favorite gifts every day.

Once this is done, the quest The Unknown Flavor can be triggered, and you can gather the ingredients necessary to prepare crushed ice. Craft 3 Purified Night Shards using 3 Night Shards and 3 Dream Shards. You can get Night Shards by digging holes in glowing spots, and Dream Shards by removing thorns and occasionally feeding critters .

With the purified shards in your pocket, you will have to visit WALL-E so that he reduces them to powder. Then, you will have to gather 15 snowballs by breaking ice spikes or by digging in the Frozen Heights, and use these elements to make crushed ice on a workbench.

All you have to do is bring it to Rémy, and he can sell it on the stall at the back of his restaurant. Frozen desserts are yours, for which you can find all the recipes in our dedicated guide. And if you haven't yet unlocked all the appetizers and main courses, you can also find them all at this address!