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Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to get dream shards easily? Our guide

 During your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across an object that is as useful as it is mysterious: dream shards. This element is not only capable of creating Dreamlight but above all essential for completing certain quests. Discover all the techniques to find them below:

What are dream shards for?

Like other crafting materials, Dream Shards are a resource that allows you to craft things in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Its primary use is to create Dreamlight, Purified Nightshards, and even enchantments to enhance your tools. In its untransformed form, you will need it several times to complete missions, including the friendship quests Merlin's New Enchantment and Anna's Enchanted Ring, which will require 10 and 15 Dream Shards respectively. This is why we advise you to avoid spending them all on the Dreamlight, even if they are now less rare than when Early Access launched.

How to get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

By removing night thorns

The first method to collect dream shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to remove the night thorns that cover the valley. You will be able to obtain them on the Esplanade and in the Quiet Meadow from the start of your game, but also each time you unlock an additional biome. A few night thorns also return every day , which should allow you to acquire a few shards on a daily basis.

Looking in his mailbox

Another way to get Dream Shards easily is to look in your mailbox at the start of the game. There you will find shards that you will need to keep carefully to complete future quests. Depending on the date you started your save, there may be a second message containing Dream Shards to address a balancing issue that was fixed in the September 15, 2022 update...

By digging at the shiny holes

This update also implemented a new way to collect Dream Shards. Previously, Shining Holes only contained Night Shards, but it is now possible to find 1-2 Dream Shards while digging. These holes reappear regularly in different biomes throughout the day, so it's a good way to farm shards if you need them for your quests.

By giving critters their favorite food

The final way to get Dream Shards is to feed the critters their favorite food. Most of the time, pets will give you useful items like a Bag of Patterns or an Iron Ingot, but they may give you a Dream Shard if you respect their preferences. 

By giving critters their favorite food