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Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to get nighttime glows easily? Our guide

During your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across a very mysterious object: the night glows. This element is essential to complete certain quests, such as those of Merlin the Enchanter. Discover all the techniques to find them below:

What are night bursts for?

What are night bursts for

Like other crafting materials, Night Shards are a resource that allows you to craft things in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Its main use is to create purified night bursts, at the rate of 5 night bursts and 1 dream burst per purified night burst. To find out how to get Dream Shards, don't hesitate to consult our dedicated guide. In its untransformed form, you will need Night Shards several times to complete missions, including the friendship quests Mystery of Merlin's Crystal and The Curse of Mother Gothel, both of which will require 5 Night Shards. But the quest that will require the most is probably The Cycle of Scar's Life since you will need to craft 10 Purified Night Shards to complete it. So you'll need 50 Night Shards in total, which can take quite a while to obtain. This is why we advise you to look for them regularly, even if they are now less rare than when early access launched.

How to get night glows in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

By digging at the shiny holes

Since the launch of Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access, Night Shards can be found by digging at the Shining Holes. Previously, glowing holes only contained a single shard, but it is now possible to find 1-2 night shards there while digging. These holes reappear regularly in different biomes throughout the day, so it's a good way to farm shards if you need them for your quests.

By crafting them at a crafting station

The second and final way to obtain Night Shards is to craft them at a Crafting Station. This method was added with the December 6, 2022 update, which introduced a new crafting material: onyx. You will need this gem to craft Night Shards, and you can obtain it by mining on rock outcrops. Its appearance rate being quite particular, we advise you to consult our guide on onyx to find out more. Once you have some onyx in your pocket, you can make night shards, at a rate of 1 onyx for 3 night shards, which is relatively profitable.