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Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to improve the watering can to remove mushrooms?

 The royal tools of Disney Dreamlight Valley are essential to progress but know that their upgrades are also essential. Without them, you will not have access to certain areas, and therefore will not be able to complete important quests. The watering can is one of the tools to improve, and here is how to go about it:

Water for better weeding

Water for better weeding

Your first mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley invites you to find the royal tools of the missing Monarch, that is to say the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each of them will allow you to obtain resources and progress in the story. The watering can will be very useful to you from the start of your game, since it is thanks to it that the seeds you sow will be able to grow and produce vegetables, which in addition to allowing you to complete certain quests, should also bring you some gold coins.

Although most of your tools will be sufficient on their own for the first few hours of play, there will come a time when elements of the scenery will prevent you from accessing certain areas, and your instruments will remain powerless before them. It is from there that you will have to think about improving them, which we will help you do in this guide. One of the most annoying road blockers is undoubtedly the mushroom, which prevents you from accessing an entire part of Bayou de la Confidence, to which you must be able to go to recover resources that are becoming quite rare in other biomes, such as clay. To be able to remove them, you'll need to upgrade your watering can, but this will require some preparation. We explain to you:

How to upgrade your watering can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Step 1: First Watering Can Improvement

Before you can get rid of the mushrooms, you will have to gain Merlin 's trust. To do this, increase your friendship with him to level 8 by talking to him, giving him his favorite gifts, and taking him for a ride every day. If you're adept at mining minerals and have given Merlin this role, you should reach level 8 in no time.

Once at level 8, you will only have to unlock the Bayou of Confidence with 5000 Dreamlight (if you have not already done so) to start the friendship quest A Dark Experience. Merlin thinks he can enchant your watering can so that you can get rid of the little mushrooms, so you will need to collect the following items:

  • 20 mushrooms: you will find them on the ground of Bayou de la Confidence. Don't hesitate to take a villager with the Gathering role to maximize your gains. You can also use the glitch that allows you to teleport to the other side of the Bayou if you are in a hurry.
  • 5 Emeralds: You will mainly find emeralds in the Forest of Courage, but sometimes they appear in the Bayou of Confidence.
  • 3 Purified Night Shards: Dig at the glowing holes to collect Dream Shards and Night Shards, and combine them at a crafting station to obtain Purified Shards. You will need 15 Night Shards and 3 Dream Shards in total.
Once done, bring all the ingredients to Merlin, and he will enchant your watering can. You are now able to remove the small mushrooms!

Step 2: Unblock WALL-E

Before you can further improve your watering can, you will need to unlock WALL-E. To do this, start by unlocking the door to WALL-E's kingdom in the castle. It's the left door on the ground floor, and you'll need 3000 Dreamlight to open it.

Clear the path to reach WALL-E and talk to him. He needs your help, so dig around until you find a refrigerator handle and use it to open the one to the right of the crafting station. Collect the caterpillar inside and give it to WALL-E.

With the little robot repaired, you can use the crafting station to transform the scraps you found into cubes. Give them to WALL-E, then plant the seeds he gives you wherever you want. Water the plants and wait for them to grow, then talk to WALL-E again.

Back in the valley, first talk to Merlin, then go to Scrooge and ask him for a fire extinguisher. Scrooge will trade it for 2 garnets, so take a villager with the Extraction role and look for an outcropping with red gems on the Esplanade or in the Tranquil Meadow.

With the garnets in your pocket, give them to Scrooge and go see Mickey. Collect the ball behind his sofa before going to see Goofy. Go fish for a boot with growth at the orange circle of the largest pond in the Tranquil Prairie, then bring all the objects back to WALL-E.

Once this is done, you can go back and install WALL-E's house wherever you want. You will need 2000 gold to build it. All you have to do is welcome the little robot to move on.

Step 3: Final Watering Can Improvement

To improve your watering can as much as possible, you will need to reach friendship level 10 with Merlin, and thus trigger the friendship quest The Final Test. Your first task is to collect 25 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards to craft 5 Purified Night Shards.

Once the Purified Shards are created, take them to WALL-E to grind them into powder. Then take it to Merlin, who sends you to get the following items:

  • 1 waterfall: go to the left of Bayou de la Confidence, at the level of the waterfall which overlooks the sea, and collect a little water from the place that shines.
  • 1 heart of ice: plant the tear of ice seed, water it, and harvest the plant that has grown.
  • 25 mushrooms: you will find the mushrooms in the Bayou de la Confidence. You can also collect some by watering the small mushrooms.
Once the ingredients have been collected, all you have to do is craft the enchantment at a crafting station and bring it to Merlin. This once again enchants your watering can, allowing you to now get rid of the path-blocking mushrooms, and thus access the other side of the Bayou de la Confidence without having to teleport!