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Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to improve the shovel to remove tree stumps?

 The basic tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley are very useful in the early game, but they may fail you if you don't upgrade them. This is particularly the case with the shovel, which will not be able to remove tree stumps blocking the path until you upgrade it.

The benefits of excavation

The benefits of excavation

When you begin your journey to the heart of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Merlin asks you to get your hands on the royal tools, namely the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each instrument has its use, and you will need each of them to progress in the story. The shovel will also be very useful to you at the start of the game since it will allow you to dig holes to plant the wheat and vegetables that you will need to complete a few quests and make some money. of pocket. It is also this tool that will allow you to collect night shards, which are key elements for many quests.

Even if your tools will do the job perfectly for the first hours of play, there will come a time when elements of the scenery will prevent you from accessing certain areas, and your instruments will remain powerless before them. It is from there that you will have to think about improving them, which we will help you do in this guide. One of the most annoying road blockers is undoubtedly the tree stump , which prevents you from accessing a whole part of the Forest of Courage, to which you must be able to go to welcome the Snow Queen. -even. To be able to remove them, you will need to upgrade your shovel, but this will require some preparation. We explain to you:

How to upgrade your shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Step 1: Unlock Anna

The first thing to do to upgrade your excavator is to unlock Anna. To do this, start by unlocking the door to the world of Arendelle in the castle. It's the middle door to the floor, and you'll need 4000 Dreamlight to open it.

Once done, go to Arendelle and speak to Anna. To help him, make your way through the flames using your watering can, and catch Bruni, the fire spirit .

A stone giant blocks the path, Anna then asks you to collect the ingredients necessary to prepare a stone soup. Collect the 3 pieces of rock in the area, search for basil and oregano in the Quiet Meadow and on the Esplanade, then prepare the soup using the cooker near the entrance to the world of Arendelle.

With the soup in your pocket, go place it on the pile of rocks near the stone giant and wait for him to clear the way. Then, use your pickaxe and shovel to clear the path until you reach the bottom of the area and see Elsa. Talk to Anna, and go fish her engagement ring from the pond nearby.

Once the water spirit is calmed, you can cross over and talk to Elsa. Return to the village to collect 15 softwood and 3 iron ingots, and use them to make 3 chimes using the string Elsa gave you. You can now return to place them in the trees in Arendelle, and Anna will finally agree to join the valley!

Step 2: Reach Friendship Level 2 with Anna

Now that Anna is settled in your home, you should have no trouble reaching friendship level 2 with her. You just need to talk to him at least once and give him a gift to get to this point.

Once this is done, she will tell you of her desire to invite her sister to the village, which will trigger her first friendship quest: An Icy Invitation. To invite Elsa, you will need access to the frozen cave in the Forest of Courage, but it turns out that the path is blocked by tree stumps. To be able to dig them up, you will need to improve your shovel using a recipe found in the library at Anna's house. You will need:

  • 10 softwood
  • 4 hardwood
  • 4 iron ingots
  • 3 DIY parts

You'll find softwood everywhere, hardwood in the Forest of Courage (or in the Bayou of Confidence if you've unlocked it), and you'll need to craft iron ingots from iron ore . You can get them from rocky outcrops in Forest of Courage and Bayou of Confidence . Since crafting parts require 2 iron ingots to craft, you will need 6 iron ingots in total . Collect all of this to craft the Excavator Bucket , and equip it on your excavator. Congratulations, you can now get rid of all the stumps blocking your way, and stock up on softwood and hardwood at the same time!