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Disney Dreamlight Valley, king mackerel: how to catch this rare fish? Our guide

 Since the last Disney Dreamlight Valley update, players have access to a new Holiday-themed Star Path. To unlock the rewards, you must complete specific missions, and one of them requires players to fish for king mackerel. Without further ado, find out how to find this rare fish:

The untraceable fish from Disney Dreamlight Valley

The untraceable fish from Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can engage in many relatively lucrative activities, such as cooking, mineral mining, gardening, and fishing. Since the release of the last update, fans of Gameloft's simulation game have been very busy with the kingdom and friendship quests of the newcomers, namely Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Stitch – but not only that. The new Path of Stars on the theme of the end-of-year holidays also offers missions allowing you to earn rewards which can take the form of furniture, stickers, clothing, and even skins for Merlin and Mickey.

These mini-quests, of which you can find the complete list in our dedicated guide, ask players to carry out various tasks, such as cooking one of the new seasonal recipes, going on an excursion for an hour with a particular character, or even catching specific fish. It is also this last activity that seems to pose a problem for many players since one of the missions consists of fishing 5 king mackerel, one of the few fish requiring special conditions to be fished, similar to the creatures appearing in our guide to the rarest fish in the game. Without further ado, find out how to catch a king mackerel in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

How to Catch a Kingfish in Dreamlight Valley

In theory, you should be able to catch a Spanish mackerel fairly early in the game, since it is found in the sea bordering Enchanted Beach. Unlike the majority of rare fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the king mackerel does not appear in an orange circle but in a blue circle. However, there is one major condition to meet to get your hands on this mackerel: it has to be dark! Indeed, if you fish in the blue circles when it is sunny, you will only come across shrimp, but if you wait until the clock indicates 6 p.m., you will have every chance of finding a king mackerel !

This fish remains quite rare, however, and you may come across shrimp even at night, so it is better to take a villager with you to hope to double your catch. The best would be to opt for a level 10 companion with the Fishing role to maximize your gains. Note that if fishing doesn't pay off, you can also invite Moana to the valley and upgrade her boat to gain access to rarer fish. This will then occasionally bring you a king mackerel. Note that fish obtained in these two ways will not count towards the Path of the Stars mission.