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Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mirabel: how to unlock the heroine of Encanto and her Mini-Casita? Our guide

 Have you downloaded the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, but haven't yet encountered Mirabel, the heroine of Encanto? Don't panic, your game is not bugged: there is simply a quest to complete before you can unlock the young woman. We explain to you:

Unlock Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mirabel: how to unlock the heroine of Encanto and her Mini-Casita? Our guide

In addition to bringing its share of fixes and other new features, the February 16, 2023 update of Disney Dreamlight Valley allowed all players to meet Olaf through a brand new story quest which you can find the complete guide at this address, with of course all the details on the gems necessary to complete it. You are probably aware that the little snowman did not come alone, and if you are on this page, it is because you are looking for how to unlock Mirabel, the main character of Encanto. Young Mirabel is indeed present in the Gameloft game, but she does not automatically appear. Indeed, you have to complete a specific quest to be able to unlock it, and it is entirely possible that you missed it because it is not given to you automatically, unlike other friendship quests that are linked to your level. understanding with the characters. Without further ado, find out how to unlock this quest and bring Mirabel and her Mini-Casita back to Disney Dreamlight Valley:

The golden door handle

To get this quest, you need to pick up a golden doorknob somewhere in the Quiet Meadow. We found it near Merlin's house, but it could appear elsewhere, such as near the access to the left side of the Enchanted Beach. With the handle in your pocket, tell Merlin about your find.

He gives you advice on how to bring back Mini-Casita and Mirabel :

  • Take photos with 3 villagers (you can take a single photo with 3 villagers in the frame to go faster)
  • Give favorite gifts to 2 different villagers
  • Chat with 2 different villagers
Then, return to Merlin, and he will ask you to bring him 500 Dreamlight. Complete Dreamlight missions to obtain them.

This done, all you have to do is place Mirabel's house so that it can reach the valley.

Congratulations! You now have access to Mirabel's friendship quests