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Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer: How to visit your friends?

 Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access is finally over, and the long-awaited multiplayer mode is finally here. Find out how to access this new feature, what it allows you to do or not, and above all who you can share this experience with!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer: How to visit your friends?

Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer

Now that Disney Dreamlight Valley has exited Early Access, most players now have access to new multiplayer features. To unlock multiplayer, you must first have Vanellope unlocked. If you've never seen it, know that you can find it on the top floor of the Château des Rêves. This will then give you a mini quest called Visiting Valleys! which serves as a tutorial for multiplayer mode. Talk to her, and she will give you a Valley Visit Station that you can place wherever you want.

Once done, interact with the station, and you will obtain a code that will allow your friends to join your valley. This code works similarly to the Dodo codes that you can get at the airport in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that is to say, only the people to whom you communicate this code will have access to your valley. To visit someone, simply enter the code provided in the Multiplayer section of the main menu.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley cross-platform?

The multiplayer mode of Disney Dreamlight Valley does indeed allow cross-platform. If you play on Switch, your friends playing on Steam will be able to visit you, and vice versa. However, Xbox and Microsoft Store users don't have access to this feature yet, but it should be available soon! As for PlayStation players, cross-platform is not available at this time.

What can you do in multiplayer mode?

Thanks to the Valley Visitor Station, you can invite up to 3 friends to your valley. During visits, game progression is impossible, so you will not have access to your Quests, the Path of the Stars, or the Premium Shop. You will, however, be able to carry out Dreamlight Missions and go to different buildings, such as your houses, Scrooge's store, and Rémy 's restaurant. You can also choose to take your friends with you inside businesses and homes or not when you interact with the entrance.

At this point, you or your guests cannot use your royal tools, so you will not be able to take a photo together or garden together, as the option to collect vegetables is not available in multiplayer. You can't really interact with your visitors, but you can exchange resources with them. To do this, throw the item from your inventory, and your friend can pick it up. Note that any "dropped" items can be picked up, so be careful if you tend to decorate with ingredients or the like. Most resources available in nature cannot be gathered aside from different types of wood and flowers.

Don't forget that if you ever have a problem with a visitor, you can block them from the Valley Visitor Station or from the Help tab in Settings. Simply interact with the station again to deactivate access to your valley or remove a particular visitor.

How to recover pixel shards?

When your friends visit you in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a new resource called Unstable Pixel Shard may appear in random locations throughout your valley. This unique material will allow you to make boosters for cooking and crafting. You will find the details of these elements below:

  • Pixelated Cooking Flame: To craft this item, you will need either 5 Unstable Pixel Shards or to craft a more powerful version. Thanks to it, you can double the number of meals cooked.
  • Unstable Pixel Duplicate: To craft this item, you will need either 5 Unstable Pixel Shards, or to create a more powerful version. Thanks to it, you will be able to replace certain materials necessary for manufacturing to facilitate your constructions!

The good news is that jittery pixel shards appear in different places for visitors and hosts, so you won't have to fight with your guests to pick up pixels. Visitors will not see pixels intended for you, and vice versa. Remember that this is only the first iteration of the multiplayer features, new features will be added as updates continue.