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Disney Dreamlight Valley: mystical cave, cursed cave... Where to find them and how to solve the puzzles?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have to complete missions to free the Valley of Oblivion and the night thorns that accompany it. One of these quests will ask you to explore the caves of the Enchanted Beach and to solve the puzzles. Find out where to find them and how to defeat them below:

Disney Dreamlight Valley: mystical cave, cursed cave... Where to find them and how to solve the puzzles?

Where to find the cursed and mystical caves of Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Once you have completed the Friendship Above All mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlocked the Enchanted Beach biome, speaking to Merlin will allow you to trigger the quest With Great Powers...

Now that the beach is free to access, the enchanter sends you to investigate the cursed cave there. This new area actually contains two caves, and the one you're looking for is a little way back. To find it, take the entrance on the left (the one without stairs) and walk along the beach to the far left. You will find the cursed cave in a recess.

Enter there to meet Ursula, who tells you that the Orb of Power is hidden in another cave on the beach. She also gives you the crystal that will allow you to open it. The cave in question is on the side of the beach where you are, at the level of the ruins in the grass-covered part. Insert the crystal into the star to the right of the entrance, and you will have access to the mystical cave.

How to solve the mystical cave puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Riddle #1: first door

Bring the precious stone whose shape is just right so you can continue your heroic quest.

To unlock this door, you will have to find the gems that correspond to the statues :

  • Left statue: 1 peridot
  • Middle statue: 1 garnet
  • Right statue: 1 aquamarine

Note that shiny gems do not work for this quest. You will find garnets on the Esplanade and in the Quiet Meadow, peridots also in the meadow and on the Enchanted Beach, and aquamarines on the beach and in the Forest of Courage if you have unlocked it.

With the gems in your pocket, transfer them to the statues, and you will have access to the next area.

Riddle #2: second door

Discover below the right crops to continue your adventure. One is under the ground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.

To pass the second door, you will have to plant seeds under the statues, but not just any seeds. You'll need :

  • Left statue: 1 carrot seed
  • Middle statue: 1 wheat seed
  • Right statue: 1 tomato seed

Carrot and wheat seeds can be purchased from Goofy's stand in Quiet Meadow, and tomato seeds from Enchanted Beach. You can also use the tomato seeds found in the chest in the Cursed Cave if you haven't already planted them.

Plant them in the order indicated, water them, and wait for the ingredients to grow before you can move on. Carrots take 15 minutes to grow, wheat 1 minute, and tomatoes 25 minutes. Note that you will need to water the tomato seed several times, so remember to return to the cave from time to time.

Riddle #3: third door

The ultimate riddle whose answer you will have to find: cook and eat what you grow.

As the riddle suggests, simply harvest the ingredients you have grown and cook them, namely:

  • 1 wheat
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 carrot

Before going to the kitchen, destroy the large rock in the center of the platform to retrieve the recipe for Vegetarian Pasta in the chest that appears and learn it.

Then, simply interact with the stove and follow the recipe. Your meal is ready, eat it and you will be able to access the last part of the cave.

Puzzle #4: Orb of Power

One last thing before we go: the orb below you need to collect.

To retrieve the Orb of Power from the body of water at the bottom of the cave, simply fish in the location indicated by an orange circle. Once this is done, you can place the orb back on the pillar outside the cave and free Ursula!