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Disney Dreamlight Valley, peanuts: how to complete the Remy's Cookbook quest? Our guide

 During your stay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across many of the ingredients needed to prepare no fewer than 164 savory and sweet recipes. However, one of these elements is stuck behind a quest for friendship. We explain how to get it:

Unlock Peanuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock Peanuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can explore the four corners of the valley and take part in different occupations, such as gem mining, gardening, fishing, and even cooking. Some characters are more gifted at this activity than others, like Rémy, the star chef from Ratatouille who surpasses all the other villagers in this area, but especially Goofy, the walking disaster of the Disney universe. Moreover, Rémy is the mastermind behind the 164 recipes to prepare in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you will quickly have to familiarize yourself with the different fish and ingredients of the valley to be able to prepare these dishes. What's more, some of these elements require special conditions to be obtained, such as the rarest fish in the Gameloft game, and specific ingredients like crushed ice and peanuts which will only reach Chez Rémy's pantry by through friendship quests. These will require some preparation, which you can discover below in our guide to unlocking peanuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Rémy's recipe book in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To obtain this quest, you must have reached level 4 of friendship with Rémy, but also have unlocked the Enchanted Beach and completed the quest With Great Powers... by Merlin, for which you can find the detailed guide at this address. Once these conditions are met, go see Rémy who asks you to help him remember his recipes. To do this, talk to Mickey who will give you a list with the locations of Rémy's recipe books. Decipher it with your magic, and you will obtain a Memory showing you where to dig.

  • First Book: The first book is just to the right of the stairs leading to the Enchanted Beach in the Quiet Meadow.
  • Second Book: The second book is inside the mystical beach cave, near the stove.
  • Third Book: The third book is very close to the pier and Goofy's stand on Enchanted Beach.

The three books together, bring them to Rémy and he will send you to find peanuts in the Kingdom of Ratatouille. You will find them on a cart at the very back of the kitchen.

Bring the peanuts to Remy, and learn the 2 recipes he gives you: peanut butter waffles and peanut butter sandwich.

You will then have to cook them, so you will need to obtain the necessary ingredients:

  • Peanut Butter Waffles: You will need 1 peanut, 1 wheat, 1 egg, and 1 milk.
  • Peanut butter sandwich: you will need 1 peanut and 1 wheat.
You will find all the ingredients except the wheat in the Chez Rémy pantry. You can buy whole wheat or wheat seeds at the Goofy stand in the Quiet Meadow.

With the ingredients in your pocket, all you have to do is go to the kitchen to complete the quest.