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Disney Dreamlight Valley, pickaxe improvement: how to farm sand and remove debris from the beach?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need the royal tools to progress, but they will need to be upgraded to help you go further. The pickaxe can also be upgraded several times, and here is how to improve it the first time:

The art of the pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, pickaxe improvement: how to farm sand and remove debris from the beach?

When you have just arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the famous Merlin entrusts you with a mission of the greatest importance: find the royal tools, namely the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each of these tools will serve you in one way or another to progress in the story. The pickaxe will also have a significant impact at the start of the game since it will allow you to bring the light back to Dreamlight Valley, but also to extract gems to complete some quests, and make coins. gold. It is also this tool that will allow you to harvest resources such as stone, coal, and iron, which you will need for many missions, so we advise you to consult our guide to farming iron ore to find out more. more.

Even if your tools should be enough for the first hours of play, there will come a time when elements of the scenery will prevent you from accessing certain areas, and your instruments will remain powerless in the face of them. It is from there that you will have to think about improving them, which we will help you do in this guide. Marine debris is arguably one of the most annoying road blockers, as it prevents you from passing from one side of the Enchanted Beach to the other, forcing you to take a detour via the Quiet Meadow at each point. the time you want to cross the beach. To be able to remove them, you will need to improve your pickaxe, but this will require some preparation. We explain to you:

Improve your pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Step 1: Big Maui

First of all, we'll have to meet Maui. To do this, start by unlocking the door to Moana's kingdom in the castle. It's the middle door on the ground floor, and you'll need 3000 Dreamlight to open it.

With that done, complete the quest After the Moana Storm and you can move on to Big Maui. Talk to Maui, then consult Moana to learn more about him.

Once the necessary information has been collected, you can return to Maui and answer his questions.

Once the interrogation is over, Maui improves your pickaxe so that you can destroy the small debris that is blocking Moana's canoe. Your job is done, simply speak to Maui again to complete the quest.

Step 2: A Feast Fit for a Demigod

Once Moana is installed in the valley, you will have to unlock Maui. Go see him in the kingdom of Moana and he will ask you to prepare three 3-star recipes for him to prove to him that Dreamlight Valley will please him. Depending on your progress, you should have access to a few recipes of this type, such as Fish Parmentier, Vegetarian Pasta, and Crispy Baked Cod with Cheese. If you don't know enough 3-star recipes, you can find more in our complete guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes.

The three meals prepared, bring them to Maui and he will agree to settle in the village. All you have to do is place his cave in the water of the Enchanted Beach and build it in exchange for 5000 gold coins to be able to welcome Maui.

Step 3: A story of stone and fire

Once you reach level 4 friendship with Maui, he will tell you about the debris on the Enchanted Beach. Follow him to the debris next to the entrance to Bayou de la Confiance, and he will offer to upgrade your pickaxe to find out what's stuck inside.

To do this, return to Moana's kingdom and collect the contents of the basket next to the dugout canoe , then take it back to Maui.

Before improving your pickaxe, Maui asks you to prepare a 5-star meal for him . 

Once the 5-star meal is ready, give it to Maui and it will improve your pickaxe .

You can now destroy the large marine debris that is blocking the bridge on the Enchanted Beach , and collect a lot of sand at the same time!