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Disney Dreamlight Valley: pumpkins, rapeseed... how to earn the most money gardening? Our guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can do different activities to earn money and improve the different stands and buildings in the village. One of them is gardening, and it turns out that it's a very good way to make a fortune in-game. Find out how to maximize your winnings:

Gardening in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: pumpkins, rapeseed... how to earn the most money gardening? Our guide

In Disney Dreamlight Valley , you can engage in many activities to collect resources , increase the levels of your characters , but also to make money . At the start of the game, most players will tend to favor mining gems , since this can make your pockets swell quite quickly and requires you to invest time and not money . While this is still a fairly convenient way to accumulate money when it comes to getting a few thousand Star Coins, this is not necessarily the case for larger sums – unless of course you have a lot of time on your hands.

Currently, the best way to make a lot of money without much effort in Disney Dreamlight Valley is gardening , even if you have to invest to do so. Indeed, unless you only use the seeds that sometimes appear when you remove night thorns , you will have to spend a little money to set up your plantations. But before planting, you will have to prepare:

All our tips for gardening in Dreamlight Valley

Gardening together is better

To maximize your profits, we advise you to give the Gardening role to a few characters and take one of them with you when you harvest your vegetables . As with other roles, having a gardening specialist on your side will allow you to obtain more plants , especially if your friend is level 10 . Once you reach this level, bonus vegetables can make up up to 30% of your yield !

The benefits of long-distance friendship

Although gardening with a friend goes a long way to your wealth, it can also have its downsides . If you have already harvested some fruits and vegetables in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have undoubtedly noticed that the plantations benefit from collection bonuses . Sometimes several vegetables spring out and you have to collect them before the timer runs out , other times the plants turn golden and you have to click repeatedly until the highlight effect disappears to collect as many ingredients as possible . However, when your companion is in your paws, it often happens that your avatar starts talking to him instead of harvesting, which can cause you to lose a lot of vegetables .

Fortunately, there is a solution to prevent this: prison . Even if it is not very ethical, it is nonetheless practical. Lure your friend to a sufficiently open place, and switch to decoration mode from your inventory to surround him with a fence . You can craft barriers from a crafting station , or simply take the ones already in the valley .

Once enclosed, your companion will remain in place, and you will be free to harvest without interruption . Plus, the bonus vegetables he sends you will only appear once you free him*, allowing you to collect them all at once !

(*) Although this is not a problem for most PC players , it is possible that this event will crash the game on Nintendo Switch , especially if you have planted a lot of vegetables. We therefore advise you not to harvest more than 50 vegetables before freeing your companion, and to repeat the operation if necessary to avoid crashing your Switch.

Know how to plant in the right place

If you have unlocked a few biomes, you may have noticed that Goofy's stand did not contain the same products in each area . Indeed, some places are more suitable for growing certain vegetables than others, and this results in a bonus that affects the speed of plant growth. For example, if you plant wheat in the Quiet Meadow , you will be able to harvest it after about 50 seconds instead of the usual 60 seconds .

This is why we advise you to plant in the same biome where you purchased your seeds because although the large empty spaces of the Quiet Meadow are tempting, they will not bring you anything when harvesting crops from the Frozen Heights or Forgotten Lands, especially since vegetables from these biomes are among the longest to grow! To find out if you are in the right place to plant a seed, make sure that a green arrow appears on the seed packet when you are about to sow:

Don't forget to water!

Just like in real life, plants need water to grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once your seeds are planted, you need to water them to get them growing, otherwise, they will stay dry and won't produce vegetables. Some plants require more watering than others, so it's a good idea to check the map if your plants need a little help. If this is the case, red icons will be visible:

Speaking of watering, you may not know but your watering can has a radius allowing you to touch up to 8 plants at the same time. We advise you to take advantage of this to water more vegetables at once. In addition, it will allow you to save your energy since you will have to perform the action fewer times. To reach the 8 plants, simply position yourself in the middle, just before the first row:

Vegetables and their selling prices

You may have noticed, but not only are some vegetables more profitable than others, some also require more or less attention to grow properly. Below, you will find plants with varied characteristics, divided into two categories: plantations quickly accessible in the game which will allow you to put a few star coins aside, but also seeds which only appear later in the game. adventure and which will certainly require a certain investment, but which will pay you back at harvest time!

At the start of the game

The following seeds can be found in the biomes to which you will have access either from the start of the game or after a few hours of play, such as the Quiet Meadow, the Enchanted Beach, the Forest of Courage, and the Bayou of Trust. For more details on where they come from, be sure to check out our guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients.

Vegetables and their selling prices
Vegetables and their selling prices

Later in the adventure

The following seeds can be found in biomes that you will have access to much later in the game, such as Sunny Plateau, Frozen Heights, and Forgotten Lands.

Later in the adventure

The best vegetables to grow

As you can see, vegetables and cereals can take between 1 minute and 4 hours to grow and yield between 3 and 389-star coins per unit, so you will have to adapt depending on your play style and the time required. you have. For example, rapeseed allows you to make nice little sums at the start of the game, but you will have to water it regularly during the 35 minutes it takes to grow. Conversely, even if the rice takes 50 minutes to grow, you will only have to water it once for it to continue to grow and offer you an equivalent profit, so it is up to you to decide accordingly. the way you play.

On the other hand, if you have advanced enough in the game to unlock the Forgotten Lands and you have a little money aside, do not hesitate to invest in pumpkin seeds, since each pumpkin will earn you 389-star coins, and you will only have to water them twice in 4 hours! And if you combine all our advice, you could well double or even triple your earnings!

As an example, we purchased 100 pumpkin seeds for 27,500 star coins . We planted them in the Forgotten Lands , and we harvested them with a villager with the Gardening role at level 10 locked nearby. With some pickup bonuses , we accumulated 40 more pumpkins , and once the villager was freed, we were able to harvest 70 more pumpkins , bringing our total to 210 harvested pumpkins compared to 100 planted . We sold them for 139,400 Star Coins . As a result, we made a profit of 111,900 star coins instead of 38,900 star coins without any bonus!