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Disney Dreamlight Valley, red algae: where to find the new crafting material? Our guide

 Since the last Disney Dreamlight Valley update, you can harvest a brand new resource: red algae. However, this very useful material is quite difficult to find – unless you know where to look. Find out how to get Red Algae below:

What is red algae used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like wood, stone, and earth, red algae is a resource that allows you to craft items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and more specifically enchantments. It appeared in-game with the Toy Story Kingdom update on December 6, 2022. Currently, its primary use is for creating Miraculous Fishing Bait, Even More, Miraculous Fishing Bait, and crafts. algae, which you can also farm by following our dedicated guide.

Where to find red algae in Dreamlight Valley

If you are following the story, your first encounter with the red algae should be once you have completed the Nature and Care of Scar quest, provided you have installed the December 6, 2022 update. Once this is done, the story quest Merlin's Making Miracles will trigger, and Merlin will explain to you that he has found other uses for the Vitalys Crystals that you can collect in the Vitalys Mines since the October 19 update. 2022. He will then offer you 4 potions to temporarily improve your tools as well as their recipes, and one of them, Miraculous Fishing Bait, will ask you to collect 5 red algae. Its upgraded version, Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait, will require 12, and 5 algae will require 1 red algae.

As you might expect, you will find red algae in the various watering holes in the valley. Although this material can appear in any area, its spawn rate is very low, and using Merlin's Miraculous Fishing Lure will unfortunately not increase your chances of finding it. Similar to the enriched land that appeared with the Scar update and for which you will find the detailed guide in our complete Disney Dreamlight Valley walkthrough, the only way to increase your chances of spawning this algae is to continue fishing. We don't have an exact number, but based on enriched land, you may have to fish at least 20 times before seeing a red algae.

Where to find red algae in Dreamlight Valley

Note that fishing with a villager who has the Fishing Role will not increase your chance of finding red algae . This will only allow you to get duplicate fish .