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Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Hourglass: Where to find it and how to improve it to master time bending?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must find the royal tools to complete quests and take advantage of biomes. With the A Rift in Time DLC, you have access to an additional tool: the royal hourglass. It will be of great use to you on the Isle of Eternity, especially if you upgrade it. We'll explain how it works!

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Royal Hourglass

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Royal Hourglass

Your first mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley asks you to find the royal tools of the missing Monarch, that is to say the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each of them will allow you to obtain resources and progress in the story. However, if you have the A Rift in Time expansion pass, you will also have access to the Royal Hourglass, a tool that will allow you to find items lost in time and exploit the temporal rifts that litter the Isle of Rift. 'Eternity.

To get your hands on this new tool, you must first unlock access to the Isle of Eternity, which you can do easily by following our guide. Next, you need to follow Jafar's quests until you gain access to The Flying Metal Nuisance. It is during this mission that you will be able to meet EVE. She is the one who protects the royal hourglass, so you will have to persuade her to give it to you. To do this, you will need to cook the recipe for the Best Fish Ever. 

What is the Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Hourglass for?

Finding treasures lost in time

With the royal hourglass now in your possession, you can use it in different ways. Its primary functionality is to find treasures lost in time. To do this, you must press the action button ( X, SQUARE or other) to make a wave appear in the shape of an arc, which will tell you the direction in which the lost object is located.

It will not only show you the path to follow on the horizontal plane but also on the vertical plane since it will tilt up or down depending on the position of the treasure. In addition, its color will allow you to determine the proximity of the object: the arc of a circle is blue when you are far from it, yellow when you are closer, and orange when you are very close.

Once the location of the treasure is found, you will have to press the action button repeatedly, as quickly as possible, to pull the object through time. Note that in addition to being able to find treasures on the Isle of Eternity, you can also search for them in your valley and even in the Kingdoms of the Castle of Dreams!

Exploring Time Rifts

Once you complete the quest The Sand in Jafar's Hourglass, you will have access to the Time Rifts. They appear as glowing spheres in the different biomes, and you must use your royal hourglass on them to open them. A circular area will then appear, inside which you can search for treasures continuously for a limited time.

Depending on your speed, you can find up to 6 treasures in the same rift. Note, however, that if you leave the radius of the rift while the timer is still active, it will disappear completely. We therefore advise you to remove objects that could hinder you before opening a loophole. And don't forget to tour the different biomes in your valley, because time rifts can appear there too!

Eliminate swirling sands

Like your valley, the Isle of Eternity is littered with path-blocking elements that will need to be removed using your tools. Among them, we find in particular the swirling sands, which you can remove using your royal hourglass.

There are 2 variations of swirling sand: small and large. You'll be able to get rid of the first few from the start, but the larger ones will require an Hourglass Potion for Great Whirling Sands, which you can craft at a Time Bending Table as part of the quest Village Project: Merlin's Timeless Tools.

Improve your hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In addition to potions, it is possible to improve your royal hourglass directly at a time-bending table. Initially, your hourglass will be at level 0, which will certainly allow you to eliminate small swirling sands and find level 0 treasures, but you will quickly realize that you are missing out on many time-bending resources. Your hourglass has 3 levels, each unlocking additional time-bending coins and recipes.

To improve your royal hourglass, you will only need Mist, the equivalent of the Dreamlight on the Isle of Eternity :

  • Level 1: you need 5000 Mist to reach this level.
  • Level 2: You need 10,000 Mist to reach this level.
  • Level 3: It takes 15,000 Mist to reach this level.
You can obtain Mist by removing path blockers like Fate Shards and Whirling Sands, searching for treasure, completing Mist Missions, and completing DLC-related quests. You'll need a lot of Mist to progress on the Isle of Eternity, so don't skimp on using your royal hourglass!