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Disney Dreamlight Valley, the secret door: where is Mickey's hidden room and how to open it? Our complete guide

 Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you befriend many Disney and Pixar characters, including the owner of the studio's iconic ears: Mickey. The latter's final quest will send you in search of a secret door, and here's how to unlock it:

Level 10 quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Level 10 quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley takes you into a strange world filled with characters that everyone knows - or almost - and invites you to complete missions to unravel the mystery of Oblivion and help your friends restore the valley to its former glory. There are also friendship quests to get to know the inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley better, and completing them can be quite beneficial for you, like most level 10 friendship quests which can sometimes have nice surprises in store for you. players. This is also the case with The Secret Door, Mickey's latest quest. By opening the chest he gives you, you will discover the existence of a hidden door, but unlocking it will require some preparation. Fortunately, you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, and not only with the fountain that Mickey gives you... Without further ado, find out where Mickey's secret door is, and how to open it:

The Secret Door to Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will be able to unlock this quest once you have access to the Sunny Plateau and reached level 10 friendship with Mickey. Go talk to him and open the chest he gives you with your magic to discover a Memory.

This Memory reveals a secret door that you will need to find. This is located inside the Castle of Dreams, behind the plants on the right. Remove the curtain with your magic, and tell Mickey about what you found.

To open this door, you will need the following gems :

  • 1 Aquamarine: You will find aquamarines on the rocky outcrops of Enchanted Beach and Forest of Courage. As a reminder, shiny gems do not work for quests. For more information on gems and their variants, consider checking out our guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley gems.
  • 1 garnet: You can mine garnets on the rock outcrops of the Esplanade and the Quiet Meadow.
  • 1 Citrine: You will find citrines on the rocky outcrops of Bayou de la Confiance and Sunny Plateau.
  • 1 Tourmaline: You will be able to mine tourmalines on the rocky outcrops of the Sunny Plateau and Frozen Heights if you have unlocked this biome.
With the gems in your pocket, insert them in the same order as in Mickey's Memory, and enter the secret room to talk to Mickey and complete the quest.

You will have access to a second secret room if you place the remarkable book which is on the ground at the back left in the library.