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Disney Dreamlight Valley, shovel upgrade: how to remove bones and get clay?

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have to find the royal tools to complete quests and take advantage of the biomes, but you will have to improve them to advance further. The shovel can also be upgraded several times, and here is how to improve it a second time:

The shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As soon as you arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the character Merlin entrusts you with a mission of capital importance: find the royal tools, namely the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each of these tools will serve you in one way or another to complete quests, collect resources, and thus progress in the story. The shovel will also be very useful to you at the start of the game since it will allow you to dig holes to plant the wheat and vegetables that you will need to complete a few quests and make some money. of pocket. It is also this tool that will allow you to collect dream shards and night shards, which are key elements for many quests.

Even if your tools will be sufficient on their own during the first hours of play, there will come a time when elements of the scenery will prevent you from accessing certain areas, and your instruments will remain powerless before them. It is from there that you will have to think about improving them, which we will help you do in this guide. The shovel is quite special since it can be improved in two distinct ways. One is for removing tree stumps and will require you to unlock Anna, and the second is for removing bones. These latter are also very annoying, since they prevent you from accessing an entire part of the Sunny Plateau (unless you have unlocked the Forgotten Lands ). To be able to remove them, you will need to upgrade your shovel, but this will require some preparation. We explain to you:

Upgrade your shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Step 1: Unlock Scar

You will unlock Scar automatically when you open the Sunny Plateau after the October 19, 2022 update, provided you have completed the quest The Curse of Mother Gothel. However, you must complete his story quest, Nature and Care, to gain access to the friendship quests to upgrade your shovel. 

Step 2: Breaking Bones

Once the Nature and Healing quest is completed and Scar has reached level 2, you can begin the mission Break the Bones, during which Scar asks you to remove the bones that litter the Sunny Plateau. To do this, you need to talk to Scrooge.

Scrooge gives you a mold, which you must show to Scar to continue. He advises you to gather the following materials :

  • 5 Lion Claws: You will find them by digging near the cliffs of the Sunny Plateau.
  • 5 Drywood: You will find drywood around the trees of Frozen Heights, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands.
  • 5 iron ingots: iron ingots must be made from iron ore and coal ore. You'll find coal on most of the valley's rocky outcrops, but iron ore can only be found in Confidence Bayou, Frozen Heights, Sunny Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. 
With the materials in your pocket, you can now craft the Lion's Claw Shovel Head at a crafting station, then equip it on your shovel.

You just have to remove 5 small bones and talk to Scar to finish the quest.

Step 2: The cycle of life

To get this quest, you must have reached level 7 with Scar. He claims that Mother Gothel knows a way to destroy the large bones and sends you to speak to her. She gives you the recipe for a potion that can strengthen your shovel.

To make it, you will need the following materials :

  • 10 Purified Night Shards: Dig at the glowing holes to collect Dream Shards and Night Shards, and combine them at a crafting station to obtain Purified Shards. You will need 50 Night Shards and 10 Dream Shards in total.
  • 1 bones: you will find bones in the Vitalys Mines of the Sunny Plateau. Go left as you enter, then take the tunnel on the right, and you will find the bones in the dead end on the left.
Return to Scar with all these materials, and he will let you use the volcanic geyser in his cave to reduce the bones to ashes.

Once done, plant the ashes anywhere on the Sunny Plateau, and water them until a bone flower grows.

Use it to craft a Roaring Shovel Head at a crafting station, and equip it.

All you have to do now is remove the bones blocking the Sunny Plateau bridge and talk to Scar to complete the quest. Congratulations, you can now get rid of all the bones that are blocking your way, and stock up on clay at the same time!