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Disney Dreamlight Valley, Stitch: how to unlock the little blue alien? Complete guide

 Have you updated Disney Dreamlight Valley, but haven't yet come across the little blue alien from Lilo and Stitch? Don't panic, your game is not bugged: there is simply a series of quests to complete before unlocking Stitch. We explain to you:

Unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can meet lots of iconic characters from the Disney and Pixar universe, like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, but also famous heroes like the incredible Space Ranger, Buzz. 'Lightning,' and every Toy Story fan's favorite cowboy, Woody, who both joined the valley in the latest update. Moreover, these are not the only characters to have slipped into this patch, because a little alien as adorable as destructive has also joined the valley! Don't worry if you haven't come across him yet, because you have to complete a specific quest to be able to unlock him. It is entirely possible that you missed it because it is not given to you automatically, unlike other friendship quests which are linked to your level of understanding with the characters. Without further ado, find out how to unlock this quest and bring Stitch back to Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Step 1: The Mystery of the Stolen Socks

To obtain the quest that will lead you to Stitch, you will need to have access to the Enchanted Beach and pick up the sticky sock found on Skull Rock Island, near the Corrupted Pillar. It is possible that she appears elsewhere on Enchanted Beach, near the entrance to Bayou de la Confiance for example.

With the sock in his pocket, Donald's quest for friendship begins. Start by finding him to tell him about the sock since it is embroidered with his initials.

Donald thinks someone stole his sock, and asks you to look for clues in his boat. To do this, remove the 5 pieces of trash there, and show the strange device you found to Donald.

You learn that the strange device reacts to the thief's DNA. We will therefore have to wait a few days and search the valley daily to find clues, such as lights in the sky and socks lying around, and thus complete the DNA match.

Step 2: The Alien Sock Thief Strikes Again!

After 5 days, you will find a chewed sock in the valley. Note that we found ours in the Quiet Meadow, near the stairs leading to the Enchanted Beach, but it is possible that it appears elsewhere, such as near Merlin's house, or even in the Frozen Heights.

A new quest is triggered, and you will have to find the owner of this sock, who is none other than Goofy. Give it to him, and take a look around his house to look for clues.

As with Donald, you will have to remove the 5 pieces of waste before you can pick up a tuft of blue fur.

Take it to Donald and the machine will indicate that the DNA match is 66% complete, which will complete the quest. We will have to wait a few more days and search the valley every day to find new clues.

Step 3: Made to destroy everything!

The third and final sock will appear 5 days later in the Forest of Courage. Note that we found ours near the exit leading to the Esplanade, but it might appear elsewhere for you.

With the orange knitted sock in your pocket, you will have to contact 3 people to find its owner. Start by talking to Mickey. Next, you will need to visit Kristoff, who will direct you to Merlin.

Give the sock to Merlin and look around his library for clues.

Like previous times, you must remove 5 pieces of trash before finding a clue, which this time takes the form of a mysterious claw.

Bring the claw to Donald, and you can complete the DNA match 100 %. You will then understand that the strange device is in fact a Landing Beacon, which you will need to place on the island near the Skull Rock of the Enchanted Beach .

Once the beacon is placed, a cutscene will play, and Stitch's spaceship will crash nearby. Talk to the little blue alien first, then to Donald .

You decide to build him a house so that he avoids destroying other people's houses. Place it wherever you want, and pay the 10,000 star coins to complete it.

Talk to Stitch, and he will agree to return the stolen socks to you and settle in the village! Congratulations, you can now complete his friendship quests, the guides for which you can find on his character page.