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Disney Dreamlight Valley: where to find algae and how to farm them? Our guide

 To progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need items that can only be crafted using Algae. However, this item can be quite difficult to find – unless you know where to look. Discover the best method for farming algae below:

Disney Dreamlight Valley: where to find algae and how to farm them? Our guide

What are algae used for?

Like wood, stone, and earth, algae is a resource that allows you to craft items in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Its main use is to create fibers, which in turn allow you to make ropes, which you will need to complete many quests. The fibers are also used to create decorative objects, which you may need for certain missions, but especially if you want to change the appearance of the valley.

Seaweed can also be cooked and is one of the key ingredients for making makis, the recipes for which you can find on this page of our complete guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes.

Also, as we explained to you in our article on how to tame turtles, seaweed is the favorite food of these little critters, so you will need it if you want a sea turtle as a companion for your adventures.

Where to find Algae in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you're following the story, your first encounter with the seaweed should be once you've unlocked the Enchanted Beach. You'll find some of them on the shore among the clams and scallops that line the Dreamlight Sea. Please note, however, that it is also possible to find them near other bodies of water in the valley, such as in the Bayou de la Confidence, at the Glacial Heights, and even on an isolated beach unlockable through The Mysterious Wreck quest.

Unfortunately, the respawn rate of algae is very low (or even non-existent) when you obtain it this way, so you'll have to be resourceful to find more. Fortunately, we have a solution to offer you to farm algae quite easily:

The best method to farm algae in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need algae many times in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and unlike wood and other frequently reappearing resources, they are quite rare... on dry land. Indeed, even if the algae struggle to return to the banks of the valley, there is no shortage of them in the water!

The technique for finding them is simple: just fish outside the circles in any body of water in Dreamlight Valley. Of course, you may also come across a bass or a cod depending on where you are, but you should be able to find enough seaweed to fulfill your objectives when fishing this way.

However, if you really want to maximize your winnings, you will have to find a companion to help you. To do this, increase your friendship to level 2 with any villager, and assign them the Fishing role. Then ask him to go for a walk, and start fishing outside the circles.

Thanks to his role, your friend will certainly be able to give you more fish, but especially additional algae! Depending on your level of friendship with the character in question, he will give you additional resources more or less frequently. The ideal is to fish with a level 10 companion because he will offer you extra algae almost every time, reducing your fishing time by half.