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Dragon plague in Dragon's Dogma 2: causes, symptoms and how to cure


Dragon plague in Dragon's Dogma 2: causes, symptoms and how to cure

Dragon's Dogma 2 is full of secrets, many of which will be unpleasant discoveries for players. In particular, most recently gamers have started talking about the “Dragon Plague”, which can affect your pawns and even prevent you from finishing your playthrough. In this guide, we will tell you what dragon plague is, how to recognize it, and quickly cure it.

What is dragon plague in Dragon's Dogma 2

If you know at least a little about the Dragon's Dogma series, then you are aware of its main feature - pawns. These are the player’s companions with incredibly developed artificial intelligence, who are also capable of learning. Each hero has one personal pawn, which you create yourself. The remaining members of the squad can be hired from among the same pawns of other players.

While listening to the pawns talk to each other, you may notice a conversation about a mysterious virus. This needs to be taken seriously. The dragon plague is transmitted from dragons to pawns that come into contact with them. This happens unnoticed, so it will not be possible to track the moment of infection. The good news is that the hero himself cannot get sick, but that’s where the positive aspects end.

It doesn't matter at all whether you yourself have come into contact with a dragon in a personal adventure. The disease stays with the pawns regardless of the world, so you could easily hire an infected assistant and not even know it. There is no way out here. The only thing I can advise is not to be fooled by the large number of likes the pawns have. Lately, players have been placing them deliberately, which is not very fair.

The second thing you need to know about the dragon plague is that it spreads from pawn to pawn. If an infected person transmits the virus, he is immediately cured. This is another reason why gamers try to give their sick comrades to other adventurers. Next we will describe the symptoms of the disease, but if you notice at least one, it is better to immediately dismiss the pawn from the squad. Believe me, there will be fewer problems.

What happens if the disease is not cured?

It is currently unknown how long it takes for a pawn to become completely ill. However, every minute the assistant becomes more and more infected. If you do not notice the symptoms and do not treat the disease, then expect problems. At one of the stops in the city, a cut-scene will start in which the pawn will turn into a dragon and will kill all NPCs nearby (including plot-important ones). The next morning you will find a real cemetery around you. Of course, it is possible to revive the fallen, but this will require a large number of resurrection stones, which may not be enough. Plus you have to fight a dragon.

If several pawns get sick, then you can easily find yourself in a situation with a completely dead world. At the same time, the game has only one save slot, and autosaving occurs immediately after the cutscene - it will no longer be possible to prevent the transformation. We talked in more detail about how to start a new playthrough here.

What are the symptoms of dragon plague?

So, now there are several known symptoms:

  1. Eyes that flicker red or purple. This is not easy to notice, as it happens from time to time. You'll have to look at their faces.
  2. Severe headaches for infected people when you are inactive. To capture this, you must do nothing at all, at all.
  3. Disobedience of a pawn. If assistants do not follow orders, say they will do as they please, and generally act aggressively, this is cause for concern. Perhaps this is the simplest symptom of all, which can be noticed both in battle and during travel. To speed up the process, give direct instructions to the pawns more often.

How to cure dragon plague

There is only one way, but it is simple and effective - kill your companion. If an invited pawn gets sick, fire her. If your main one, throw it, for example, into a river or abyss, and then resurrect it. It would be enough. The option to do this trick periodically will also work. Prevention!