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Dragon's Dogma 2 inventory: 5 solutions to avoid clutter and gain maximum load

 On the side of the road, in a chest, in a workshop, in the forest, or even on the corpse of a monster... There are many resources that you can collect in Dragon's Dogma 2, but the place tends to be more rare, especially when you're starting out. So, how can you avoid clutter so as not to compromise your speed of movement? In this article, we give you our best tips so that you can always travel light!

Dragon's Dogma 2 inventory: 5 solutions to avoid clutter and gain maximum load

Organize your inventory with your pawns

Your pawns aren't just there to engage in combat in Dragon's Dogma II. In addition to being useful to guide you towards your quest objectives or to alert you to the presence of a chest or a resource, they are also present to relieve you of bulky objects. So, don't hesitate to distribute the resources from your inventory to that of your pawns.

To be safe, always place your most valuable resources on your character or main pawn and use the other two pawns as "trash cans" or storage areas for less important resources.

If you have a connection or synchronization problem, you could lose all of the resources placed in the inventory of your pawns... Which would be unfortunate!

Visit a hostel or your home regularly

The hostel offers you a free service which is very useful: a private safe. Inside, you will be able to store all the resources that you may have collected during your exploration sessions without spending a single penny. Additionally, the storage area is relatively large, so you shouldn't have any problems putting all the resources you need inside.

However, if this happens, do not hesitate to combine the items that are in your private chest. You will be able to free up space to add new resources, but above all to prevent resources from expiring.

In fact, the resources do not remain intact in your inventory and the vials initially useful for preserving your plants, your fruits and vegetables or even your meat no longer exist. This is why, always take the time to make potions or even dried ingredients.

  • Objects expire as the days pass in-game, so the fish you caught the day before will not be spoiled the next day, on the contrary, it will become more refined. However, you will still have to be careful not to have a bag full of outdated food (unless you need it to make a pitch for your lantern).

Optimize your inventory by having a pawn with the Logistician specialization

To go along with our previous advice, do not hesitate to have with you a pawn who has the “ Logistician ” specialization. The latter can then take the initiative to combine the materials together and distribute the objects between the allied bags. By placing all the primary resources that can be combined in the inventory of this pawn, you will obtain an anthology of curative or offensive objects.

On the other hand, you will not be able to choose the combinations he will undertake. So, if you are too afraid of the choices he may make, do not hesitate to keep the resources that you consider important with you to avoid waste.

Combining items helps reduce the weight you carry. The weight will be minimal, but useful enough to stay light.

Increase your inventory by collecting golden beetles in the wild

Managing your resources is not the only way to reduce the load your character carries on his back. There is a consumable that will allow you to increase it: golden scarabs.

These gold-colored insects sit on tree trunks and are just waiting to be collected and then consumed. Each scarab grants +0.15kg. By accumulating the consumption of golden scarabs, you will be able to improve the maximum load you can carry and thus have a better chance of remaining light when traveling.

  • Travel at night to see them better. They shine with a golden glow, you won't be able to miss them!
Golden scarabs are not like other resources obtainable in nature: they do not reappear and their consumption is unique. Fortunately, the bonus attributed to the consumption of this insect persists over time, so each golden beetle eaten gives you a permanent bonus!

Increase your inventory by wearing an augmentation ring

Finally, if you want to slightly improve the maximum load that your character can carry, we advise you to equip you or your pawn with a Ring of Increase. These rings are not given, so we advise you to wait a bit and advance in the main quest. A character named Brant will give you one at some point!