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Dragon's Dogma 2 main pawn: Which class to choose for a good start?

 The creation of our main pawn is a very important step in Dragon's Dogma 2. Although it is not irreversible, it is essential to begin the composition of a formidable team. Then find the most optimized starting classes for your main pawn, depending on what class you have chosen yourself.

Dragon's Dogma 2 main pawn: Which class to choose for a good start?

The importance of the main pawn in Dragon's Dogma 2

The main pawns, unlike the pawns you engage from the Fault Stone, stay with you from the beginning to the end of your adventure in Dragon's Dogma II. They won't be a burden, as they gain levels while progressing in their class rank. Therefore, you will need to give them very special care so that they can always be able to help you.

You can give them this care by making them learn skills, giving them a specialization, and equipping them with pieces of good quality armor. Tell yourself that no compromise should be made for your main pawn.

In addition to being good company, your main pawn will help you in many aspects: relieve you of certain resources, show you the position of a chest, a quest objective, or a useful resource, and give you advice to more easily defeat an opponent, but above all will be a brother in arms. Indeed, it will protect you when you need it by restoring your stamina, waking you up, or even protecting you when the situation requires it.

So, when you choose your first class (if your wish is to move towards other horizons along the way), it is important to have a pawn with a class that will complement yours.

Which class should you choose for your main pawn in Dragon's Dogma 2?

If you don't take the Mage class yourself, know that it is essential for your adventure in Dragon's Dogma 2. For what? Because Mages are the only ones who can passively heal you without using potions or resources. Therefore, we advise you to always have a Mage in your team, and this role could well be played by your main pawn ... However, this advice does not apply to all classes.

Although care is important, so is your protection. Indeed, if you choose to play as a Mage or an Archer, know that you will be vulnerable to your opponents. They will target you and prevent you from doing anything, making your gaming experience unbearable.

So, for these two very specific classes, and possibly the Thief, we strongly advise you to have a Warrior equipped with the “Provocation” skill as your main pawn. This way, the Warrior will attract opponents towards him, allowing you to be safe to attack. However, do not neglect healing, which is why you will need to take a Mage specialized in support skills from the Fault Stone in order to ensure your survival.

I am not satisfied with the class of my main pawn, what should I do?

You don't like the class you chose for your main pawn? No worries, you can modify it whenever you want!

Whether at the Melve Inn or at the Class Guild in Vernworth, you can change your principal's class at any time, in addition to your own.