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Dragon's Dogma 2: Off the Wrong Path – How to free Hugo from the dungeon

 When you enter the nation of the beasts, Batthal, in Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll quickly find yourself dealing with the Coral Snake bandits. A young man named Hugo ends up in the dungeon of the local capital thanks to your intervention. But how do you get the bandit out of prison for the quest "Off the Wrong Path"?

Dragon's Dogma 2: Off the Wrong Path – How to free Hugo from the dungeon

What's the deal with Hugo? When you first enter Batthal from Resttown, you'll receive reports of the crimes committed by the Coral Serpent Bandits. Follow the road south and you'll come across a short sequence with Thor and Hugo.

Run after the fugitive to find the bandits' camp. The events you set in motion will lead Hugo to end up in Bakbattahl's dungeon - betrayed by his leader. It also becomes clear that Hugo isn't actually a bad guy.

Where does the quest start? As soon as you enter Bakbatthal, Benjamin will give you the quest "Off the Wrong Path" near the cart station. Hugo longs for an honest life but needs help to leave his career as a bandit behind him.

Follow the road northeast and enter the prison in the palace district. Jailer Ekratt will lead you to the cell where Hugo is being held. Here's how to free Hugo:

  • Talk to Hugo until he tells you half his life story.
  • Then talk to the young guard Dietrich, who will give you the tip that the dungeon master could help you free Hugo.
  • Ekratt explains that he needs 1,000 gold to process the release request. The process may take some time.
  • Return to Ekratt a few days later. He doesn't have good news for you: he needs more gold (2,500) and time for the release.
  • At this point, it doesn't seem to matter how many days you let pass: Ekratt tells you to be patient (it's unclear if this is a bug).

What happens next?

  • Over time, other members of the Coral Snakes can end up in the dungeon. If you talk to them, you will learn information that you can pass on to Hugo - for example, about the fate of his parents or where the bandits' new hideout is.
  • The appearance of Bandit Brefft is said to be connected to the quest “The Ringing of Tranquility,” which you can tackle northeast of Tranquility Town, on the way to the Cenotaph.
  • If you tell Hugo the new information and return to the dungeon a day later, the guards may tell you about Hugo's escape.
  • Now travel to the Ancient Battlefield, north of Quiettown. If you are quick enough, you can save Hugo from the leader of the Coral Snakes. If you succeed, the boy will let you help him find a new career.
  • Some players report that they didn't travel to the Ancient Battlefields fast enough. There was no one there. When they next visited the dungeon, they found out that most of the other bandits had fled and that the bodies of Hugo and the leader of the Coral Serpents had been found.

Is there an alternative to free Hugo faster? You can open the cell door with a dungeon key right from the start. There is even a key lying around in the first room of the prison area. However, if the guards see you freeing him, they will immediately attack you.

Since your vassals had to wait outside the dungeon, a tough fight awaits you. If you are overpowered, you will end up in a cell yourself - and the bail for release is steep (30,000 gold). In addition, the quick release means you lack the information to trigger the next events. Hugo therefore simply disappears, without a clear goal.