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Dragon's Dogma 2 Online Mode: Why is it useful to activate it?

 Should you enable Dragon's Dogma 2 online mode or not? In our humble opinion, yes! Find in this article the reasons that lead us to recommend activating the online mode of Capcom's latest game.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Online Mode: Why is it useful to activate it?

Online mode / Offline mode… What is the difference?

In Dragon's Dogma II, the difference between online mode and offline mode only involves one consequence, but it is significant: accessibility to the main pawns. By playing online, you can share and above all have access to the pawns of different players. While offline, you will be limited to playing with pawns randomly generated by Capcom.

You might think that this difference is not very important, but imagine that it is much more vital than you might think and we will explain why below!

Why play Dragon's Dogma 2 online?

Like the first Dragon's Dogma title, the counters offered by Capcom are not really "optimized" . We don't see any areas of expertise, or pieces of equipment mounted to the maximum. We often notice that the pawns are often present to simply do the job and the numbers, but nothing more.

On the contrary, the characters/pawns proposed by players much more often follow a guideline, expertise, specialization, and optimal pieces of equipment that have been improved at the gunsmith.

In addition, the pawns proposed by the players have a better knowledge of the game, to the extent that the player will have searched the map much better than the computers offered by Capcom. Although these impersonal pawns have good knowledge of the game at the start of the game, they quickly become less good when level 15 is reached.

Between chests, quest badges, forgotten flaws, interesting resources, knowledge relating to combat, or even guidance in quests... Player pawns are much more interesting to engage.

So, we strongly invite you to play online. Especially since there is no risk, as long as the player does not enter your game!