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Dragon's Dogma 2: Our 10 tips and advice for a good start to your adventure as an Insurgent!

Before embarking on your Dragon's Dogma 2 adventure, don't hesitate to consult our 10 best tips for getting started. Some tips for combat, managing your quests, but also information on how to use your pawns correctly!

Dragon's Dogma 2: Our 10 tips and advice for a good start to your adventure as an Insurgent!

 There is no fire at the inn

Although there are quests that require to be completed quickly (we think in particular of the quest A Blue on the Front of the Border Guard Outpost), be aware that the majority of the other missions do not require to be processed immediately. So, instead of living your Insurgent life diligently, we invite you to adopt a cruising pace by doing a few exploration sessions or completing side quests.

The world of Dragon's Dogma II is full of opponents to eliminate to increase the mastery ranks of your class, caves to visit, chests to open, and resources to collect to make arrows or even concoct remedies. Side quests can have a direct link to your main quest: so, to know all the ins and outs of your mission, be sure to always prioritize side quests before tackling your main quest!

Don't rush headlong towards your main goals and always leave the door open to curiosity!

  • Important Note: Keep a screenshot of the exact position of your first collected quest badge… You will need it for a secret quest!!

Listen to your pawns

Many pawns have already gained experience thanks to their original master: they will be able to tell you the position of a chest or that of a quest objective. This is why, when they offer to guide you to a location, do not hesitate to use the “Forward!” command. so they can take you there.

Furthermore, their usefulness in exploration doesn't stop there; if pawns belonging to other Insurgents have already experienced combat against certain monsters, they will be able to reveal their weak points to you. This is why, even when you are in the heat of the moment, always pay close attention to their comments so as not to miss crucial information for the defeat of an opponent.

  • Note: If they become too obtrusive for your liking, you can mute the pawns from the game settings!

Don't give up on learning your pawn's exploration skills

Many chests to open or ladders to unroll will probably not be accessible depending on the class you choose. So, don't hesitate to use your pawn to reach areas that are currently inaccessible to you.

To give you a telling example: a Warrior does not have the same mobility as Archers or Thieves. It is therefore impossible for him to climb cliffs that are too high to reach a point of interest. This is why, to compensate for this lack of mobility, we have chosen to invest in exploration skills on our main pawn so that it can reach heights and other hidden passages easily.

Pay special attention to your main pawn

Unlike the other pawns you summon from the Faultstone, it is vital to give great importance to your main pawn. In this way, always remember to teach him new skills, give him a specialization, give him notable pieces of equipment (and improve them), but above all provide him with passives for his survival in combat.

On the other hand, do not give anything to the other pawns. Don't provide them with any pieces of equipment, because you simply won't be able to get them back. If one of your pawns starts to become too weak for your adventure level, go to a Fault Stone to look for another one that will be better.

Sleep under the stars

Camping is really beneficial for you and your team; you will benefit from a bonus linked to the dish cooked on-site, you will stay the night and you will be able to recover all of your life points. Before a cave, an elite monster, or even a mission that involves combat, camping is really ideal to ensure your survival and combat effectiveness.

Therefore, eliminate wild animals to collect pieces of meat and take your camping equipment to rest whenever you want.

Do not be shy

To gain access to side quests, you need to show initiative from time to time. While some NPCs will naturally grab you for help, others seem a little more timid and won't offer you quests without some initiative on your part. Therefore, do not hesitate to speak with all the NPCs you come across and visit every corner of the towns and villages at any time of the day to ensure that no side quests are hidden there!

Return to old cities you have already visited

Even if you have completed all your side quests in a village, time will take its toll and other quests will arise without you even realizing it.

So, be sure to use the oxcarts or your transstones to travel to these villages to ensure that you haven't missed an important quest there. On the other hand, wait a few days or a few quests, especially the main plot, before returning.

The return trips can be quite annoying, but as we told you just before, you will just have to use the ox carts to travel (almost) peacefully to your destination. You will save precious time in exchange for a small sum (100 to 200 gold coins).

Always make a backup at the hostel after a big session

Unlike Baldur's Gate III, you will not be able to manage your saves as you see fit. So, to mark an anchor point, you will be forced to use the inn.

Manual and automatic saves do not have priority over those made at the inn, which is why we strongly encourage you to sleep in an inn after a big gaming session.

Don't have the misfortune of clicking on “Resume at a save point”, otherwise you could lose a good number of hours of gameplay.

Avoid death by taking care of yourself

This tip will be very useful for you to avoid falling in combat: when you see your life bar completely gray, hurry to go into your inventory to heal yourself, just to continue the fight without using an Awakening Stone.

You will be on what we could call “death row”. But as long as your character does not take his last breath once on the ground, you will be able to heal yourself to avoid a tragic end and resume the fight. To put it simply, the game doesn't have time to understand that you're dead, even if you have no health left, so use this trick to get around the Grim Reaper!

Learn several classes to have an anthology of passives

Finally, our last tip for getting off to a good start on Dragon's Dogma 2 is to not hesitate to change classes. On the one hand to vary the pleasures, but above all to take advantage of the liabilities that these classes can give you.

Learning the passives of several classes will allow you to obtain major advantages in combat. For example, we taught our Thief warrior passives so that he could have more attack power, but also better survivability in combat. We then find ourselves with a fast, skillful and above all very resistant character!